Cityville Skyrises

By | March 30, 2012

On dubai welcome to the world quest 3 : A Family Tradition asks us to build 3 new Cityville Skyrises

but when you click show there’s only build menu to look, so if you confuse what buildings “Skyrises” are in cityville ? Since there is no such category in the Build menu for houses.

So far, the ones that seem to fall in that category are:
Beachfront Condo
Bella’s Penthouse
Cove Condo
Downtown Flat
Eco Skyscraqer
Founder’s Building
Infinite Towers I
Infinite Towers II
Mega Egg
Miami Skyrise
Millennium Towers
Penthouse Tower
Shoreline Suites
Skyrise Heights
Skyscraqer Condos
Solar Skyrise
Stratus Penthouse
Timeshare Tower
Waterfront Condos

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