Cityville Soccer Jerseys

By | April 1, 2012

On Game Face Goal you need to Collect 20 Cityville Soccer Jerseys from businesses.

but which businesses can drop this item ?

well, the problem is… they forgot to mention “Brazilian business”
fame-face soccer-jersey

here are the brazilian businesses you can find :
Branco Hotel
Gustavo’s Restaurant
The Soccer Locker


though i don’t think the soccer locker drops any 🙁 and another problem is the drop rate is very low : 20% chance at collecting a soccer jersey.

tips : why bother to collect from buildings if you can request faster :
soccer jersey link

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  • diana schwanke

    i rec’d one soccer jersey from gustavo’s (I didn’t get credit for it tho)… none from any other tries and have tried many times… someone commented why try to get them from Brazilian business when you can request them from friends… but you don’t have the option to request them from friends… please help

  • erin

    Thank you so much for the request link! I get one jersey about every 15 clicks and I’ve never gotten one from the hotel. Aggravating!