Cityville Suit Yourself Missions Community Pool

By | May 14, 2012

Dive In in cityville suit yourself missions! Cool off with a new Community Pool for your city!


quest walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : suit yourself goal
– Place Beach Decorations
– Collect from Swimwear Shops or Fashion Centers
– Collect from a Level 1 Community Pool

the new community pool is different from the old one, because you only need to hire staff and no materials required ! a total of 18 friends to ask for request :
Life Guard, Life Preserver, Pool Boy, Pool Girl, Pool Shark, Pool Cleaner
Water Tester, Wave Maker, Sun Bather, Sun Blocker, Swim Coach, Diving Coach
Cannon Baller, Back Stroker, Rule Maker, Rule Breaker, Swim Champ, Diving Champ

mission 2 : in deep trouble goal
– Collect from Dawn Duplex
– Ask friends for Pool Toys
– Collect from a Level 2 Community Pool

mission 3 : make a splash goal
– Increase Population
– Harvest Rice Crops
– Collect from a Level 3 Community Pool

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