Cityville Super Piers Goals Super Pier Links

By | June 23, 2012

Save Space On Piers in cityville super piers goals ! Give your citizens a Super Pier so you can store more goods and hold more boats!


a Super Pier is equal to 4 regular Piers ! quest requirements guide :

mission 1 : super piers goal
Place the Super Pier on or next to the water
Complete the Super Pier
Ask Friends for 15 Super Seagulls

super pier material links :
gold-anchorred-anchor blue-anchor green-anchor silver-anchor
gold anchor link – red anchor link – blue anchor link – green anchor link – silver anchor link

mission 2 : super pigeons goal
Ask Friends for 20 Super Pigeons
Upgrade Super Pier to Level 2
Collect from Premium Casino

mission 3 : super size it goal
Ask Friends for 20 Super Fish
Upgrade the Super Pier to Level 3
Collect from the Equality Acres 2 Times

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