Cityville Take The Wheel Goals Taxi Dispatch Links

By | May 19, 2012

COLLECT FASTER! Complete the Taxi Dispatch in cityville take the wheel goals to bring taxis to your city! Collect from businesses faster and for 0 energy!


quest requirements :

mission 1 : take the wheel goal
– Place and Complete Taxi Dispatch
– Get 12 Taxi Receipts
– Use Taxis to Instantly Collect from Businesses

taxi dispatch material links :
taxi-license yellow-cab-paint hub-cap taxi-rooftop-sign
taxi license link – yellow cab paint link – hub cap link – taxi rooftop sign link

fare-meter taxi-stand-sign glass-divider cb-radio
fare meter link – taxi stand sign link – glass divider link – cb radio link

mission 2 : cruise control goal
– Upgrade Taxi Dispatch to Level 2
– Instantly Collect from Businesses
– Gather Taxi Receipts from a Gas Station or ask friends

mission 3 : put it in park goal
– Upgrade Taxi Dispatch to Level 3
– Instantly Collect from Businesses
– Harvest Corn

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