Cityville The Main Event Goals Ceremony Attendees Link

By | July 23, 2012

CityVille Games are here in cityville the main event goals! Make the tourists and athletes feel at home in your city and get your City ready to host the games with ceremony hall!

Build Cityville Games buildings to collect guests for your opening ceremony!

mission 1: the main event goal
Place and complete the Ceremony Hall
Collect 12 Ceremony Attendees
Collect 30x from CityVille Games Buildings

ceremony attendees link

mission 2: a good sport goal
Ask friends for 18 Tracksuits
Upgrade the Ceremony Hall to Level 3
Collect 20x from Bike Shop

mission 3: house party goal
Collect 12x from CityVille Games Houses
Collect 12 Ceremony Attendees
Collect 10x from Stadiums