Cityville The Tiger’s Share Goals Tiger Prince Theater Links

By | May 29, 2012

Open Broadway’s Tiger Prince in cityville the tiger’s share goals! Open the Tiger Prince show and attract tourists to fill businesses twice as fast!


quest requirements :

mission 1 : the tiger’s share goal
– Complete Theater Step 1 of 3
– Upgrade Fine Arts Theater
– Place Drummers

tiger prince material links :
sheet-music star-room tap-shoes makeup-brushes
sheet music link – star room link – tap shoes link – makeup brushes link

mission 2 : eye of the tiger goal
– Complete Theater Step 2 of 3
– Collect from Jungle Habitat
– Master Golden Carrots

mission 3 : the crown jewel goal
– Complete Theater Step 3 of 3
– Ask friends for Broadway Tickets
– Collect from Tiger Prince Theater

ticket link

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