Cityville Toy Factory Missions

By | September 17, 2011

Get Toy Maker vote for you by helping him in cityville toy factory missions! still in act 1

there are 3 step of goals :
1. the misfit toy maker
Help me make some toys and I’ll help you make Governor!

2. toy soldier
Help me march to the top of the toy world!

3. playtime is over
It’s all fun and games until someone loses my vote!

here are the requirements for toy factory quest :
part 1 : all wound up mission
– Place and Build a Toy Factory
– Collect from Toy Factory 10 times

part 2 : toy chest pains mission
– Ask friends for 12 Toy Blocks
– upgrade Toy Store to Level 2
– Place 20 Hearts on your board

part 3 : joy story mission
– Ask friends for 15 Wooden Duckies
– Build Toy Tower
– Collect from Toy Tower 15 times

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