Cityville UFO Alien Landing Goals

By | October 23, 2012

Repair the UFO in cityville alien landing goals and reunite the alien family to welcome them as permanent residents !

To reunite the Aliens, with their Ship you will need to expand to each of the 4 Aliens. You will find them in various areas in your city.

mission 1: seeking lifeforms goal
– repair alien family’s ufo to level 2
– find apapa alien and move him within the UFO’s range
– ask friends for 12 alien UV goggles
rewards : 2 zoning permits + 50,000 coins


mission 2: launchpad goal
– colect from the ufo themed buildings 10x
– find and move mama alien and baby alien in the UFO’s range
– repair alien family’s ufo to level 4
rewards : 4 zoning permits + 2000 XP


mission 3: new world goal
– ask friends for 20 sparkling space rock
– completely repair alien family’s ufo
– reunite the alien family by moving the alien dog in the ufo’s range
rewards : 6 zoning permits + 500,000 coins