Cityville Unlock The Tonga Tower

By | September 7, 2011

Tonga Tower is Here! Click the Cityville Tonga Tower Goal Icon to start building it! Complete it to continue unlocking the Eiffel Tower Wonder!

Unlock the tonga tower for incredible payouts and to continue unlocking your first City Wonder: The Eiffel Tower!

if you already reach level 30 or higher you will see this new quest icon

click to see the requirements for this goal, you only need to place tonga tower and get 2 XP

but after you build it, there’s another quest 🙂

3 new requirements :
1. Gather parts to unlock your Tonga Tower

tonga tower links to request parts :
drink umbrella link
open coconut link
ukulele link
table mat link
welcome treats link

2. Upgrade one Tiki Business to Level 3
tiki businesses : Tonga Room, Song Bird Pet Shop, or Ku Drive-In

3. Master one Tiki Crop to Level 3
tiki crops : Taro, Pineapple, or Sugar Cane

Once you have completed all the required tasks, click on “Finish Building” to complete your Tonga Tower.

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