Cityville Venetian Celebration Goal Venetian Palace Links

By | January 13, 2012

CELEBRATE ITALY ! Click on the Cityville Venetian Celebration goal icon to start building the Venetian Palace! It has a 6550 population allowance boost!

first you will get a new quest to place this building : the venetian way

then there are 3 mission task you need to complete in order building the venetian palace construction site :
Gather parts to unlock Venetian Palace
materials links :
gilded window link
gondola link
gondoliers hat link
stone bricks link
support beams link

Master one Italian Crop to 3 Stars
– Raspberries or
– Glera Grapes

Upgrade one Italian Business to 2 Stars
– Venetian Mask Shop
– Glass Shop or
– Venetian Restaurant

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