Cityville We Have Lift Off Goals Helipad Links

By | June 6, 2012

Helicopters Are Here in cityville we have lift off goals! Use Helicopters in your city to supply and harvest businesses so you can save on goods and energy!


there are 3 Helicopter Port Terminals :
Helipad Red
Helipad Blue
Helipad Yellow

helipad-red helipad-blue helipad-yellow

here are the quest requirements :

mission 1 : we have lift off goal
– Place and Complete the Blue Helipad
– send 3 helicopter Jobs
– Collect 10 helicopter blades from friends

heliport material links :
flight-stick ear-protectors pilot-helmet mobile-radio cargo-hook
flight stick link – ear protectors link – pilot helmet link – mobile radio link – cargo hook link

mission 2 : toying around goal
– Send 8 helicopter jobs
– Place and complete the yellow helipad
– Collect 15 Toy Helicopters from Restaurants

mission 3 : head in the clouds goal
– Collect 20 Helicopter Fins from friends
– Send 25 Helicopter Jobs
– Place and Complete the red helipad

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