Cityville Who Let The Dogs Out Goals Dogs Theater Links

By | May 29, 2012

Best Of Broadway Is Here in cityville who let the dogs out goals! Open “Dogs” in dogs theater for your city and attract tourists to fill businesses twice as fast!

here are the quest requirements :

mission 1 : who let the dogs out goal
– Complete Theater Step 1 of 3
– Collect from London Liner Ship Routes
– Ask for 10 Costumes from friends

dogs theater material links :
bakstage-pass lit-mirror script mucisian-stand
backstage pass link – lit mirror – script link – mucisian stand link

mission 2 : let’s dance goal
– Complete Theater Step 2 of 3
– Collect from Prodigy Studios
– Harvest Golden Carrots

mission 3 : set the stage goal
– Complete Theater Step 3 of 3
– Ask friends for Playbills
– Collect from Dogs Theater

paybill link

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