Cityville Wonders Of The World Missions Wonder Blueprint Links

By | July 17, 2012

Specialize Your City in cityville wonders of the world missions! Make your city wonder-ful by building the Modern Wonder of your choice! Each has a unique, powerful bonus for your city!

there are 8 new wonders ! 5 new wonder you need to complete for this goals are :
The Nouveau, Pacifica Opera House, Midtown Central Station, Forbidden Palace, Gardens of Babylon

after starting a new Wonder, you will not be able to start working on another one, for 7 days. Alternatively, you can unlock new wonders immediately with City Cash.

goal 1: wonders of the world mission
Ask friends for 20 Wonder Lumber
Place your first Wonder
Collect from 20 Wonder Buildings

cityville wonder blueprint material links :
white-blueprint red-blueprint green-blueprint
white blueprint – red blueprint – green blueprint

purple-blueprint gold-blueprint orange-blueprint
purple blueprint – gold blueprint – orange blueprint

goal 2: upgrade your wonder mission
Completely Upgrade 1 Wonder
Ask friends for 25 Wonder Souvenirs
Collect from 30 Wonders Buildings

goal 3: wonders never cease mission
Completely Build & Upgrade all 5 new Wonders
Collect 30 Epic Wonder Souvenirs
Activate any Wonder 20 times

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