Cityville Workin For Peanuts Goal Packaging Plant Links

By | April 20, 2012

Get More Premium Goods in cityville workin for peanuts goal ! Pack in more premium goods in your city with the new Cityville Packaging Plant today!

goal : get premium goods

working for peanuts mission requirements :
– Place and build the Packaging Plant
– Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Peanuts
– Start Worker Bee Wanda’s Job

tips :
To complete the quest, you must supply Worker Bee Wanda with 250 normal goods, a helping hand from 6 of your friends will net you the maximum amount of 1190 Premium Goods.

packaging plant material links :
factory-gate-link factory-duct-link fuse-box-link
Factory Gate link – Factory Duct link – Fuse Box link

gas-tank factory-fan factory-lights
Gas Tank link – Factory Fan link – Factory Lights link

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