Cityville Wreaths

By | December 12, 2011

There’s some quest item that is rare to find, where you need to collect some cityville wreaths for christmas missions
– save the holidays 2 goal : deck the halls
– branching out goal
how to get wreaths in cityville ?
on tree hugger goal :
you must collect 10 wreaths from residences
You can receive wreaths when a neighbor collects your housing.
Collecting from residences will have a 5% chance of dropping a wreath, a very rare drop 🙁

on branching out goal : you must collect 10 wreath clippings from business
Collecting from businesses will have a 18% chance of dropping a wreath clipping

looks like even though the icon nearly the same, it dropped from a different buildings
normal wreaths = residences
wreath clippings = businesses

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