Cityville Wrench

By | August 2, 2011

Attractions are here! Go for a ride on CityVille’s all new attractions! go karts attraction is available for your city, but you will need cityville wrench for this building

want to know what the use of wrench in cityville ? read the go karts guide below

First, place and build your go kart attraction, collect building materials for completion. After you finish, click go kart to open attraction

Attractions are only open for a limited amount of time, so for maximum payout you’ll want to open attractions when you release hotel tourists and cruise ship passengers in your city

you can see how long business remain open with timer when you hover go karts, after you collect bonus and the status : closed you will see wrench icon above go karts

this mean it need maintenance, now to open again you must wait for maintenance timer countdown or collect 3 wrench

Your attraction is closed for maintenance. Collect wrenches to reopen it. Collect them in time for even better payouts!

how to get wrench in cityville ?
You can request wrenches from your friends when go kart attraction is closed for maintenance.

click ask friends button and post this request :
xx needs a wrench to get the Go Karts attraction up and running!
Send a wrench to xx and you could get a wrench too!
Send Wrench

You sent a wrench and received a wrench in return!

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