Cityville Your Embassy Suites Hotel Mission

By | June 15, 2012

Place Embassy Suites Hotel in cityville your embassy suites hotel mission ! Two-room suites provide more room for guests to relax. Master the hotel to earn an exclusive reward!

GOAL: Your Embassy Suites Hotel!

Get MORE for your citizens with Embassy Suites Hotels !

quest requirements :
– Place the Embassy Suites Hotel
– Master the Embassy Suites for an exclusive Welcome Cart
– Place your Embassy Suites Welcome Cart for an 18% Bonus
– Collect items from the Embassy Suites Hotel for extra rewards!


You’ve completed the quest. Share this news with your friends!

{cityName} has a new all-suite hotel with complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast. Join {user} for the grand opening, there are more rewards to share!
{user} has earned the Embassy Suites Welcome Cart for {cityName}. Get more for your city with this exclusive reward when you master the Embassy Suites!

Embassy Suites Welcome Cart