Cityville Your Stock Is Rising Goals NASDAQ Stock Market Links

By | June 28, 2012

Make your city a successful business hub by attracting investment through The NASDAQ Stock Market in cityville your stock is rising goals !


Invest your coins to earn great returns and upgrade your Stock Exchange ! quest requirements :

mission 1 : your stock is rising goal
Place & Complete The NASDAQ Stock Market
Invest in The NASDAQ Stock Market
Upgrade The NASDAQ Stock Market

the nasdaq stock market material links :
money-clip calculator stock-ticker prospectus business-suit
money clip link – calculator link – stock ticker link – prospectus link – business suit link

mission 2 : status symbol goal
Upgrade The NASDAQ Stock Market to level 3 or higher
Invest in Intuition Tech
Ask Friends for Fancy Bow Ties

mission 3 : keep stocking up goal
Upgrade The NASDAQ Stock Market to level 4 or higher
Deliver Coins
Gain a new level in CityVille