Cityville Your Stock Is Rising Goals Stock Exchange Links

By | May 7, 2012

Build and finish the Stock Exchange in cityville your stock is rising goals to invest coins and add up to 3000 Downtown Value and 4500 population allowed to your city!

stock share that you can buy :
valor industries share : earn up to 200,000 coins in 1 day with 100,000 coins
bella productions share : earn up to 80,000 coins in 8 hours with 40,000 coins
intuition tech share : earn up to 40,000 coins in 2 hours with 20,000 coins

quest requirements :

mission 1: your stock is rising goal
– Place & Complete Stock Exchange
– Invest in Stock Exchange
– Upgrade Stock Exchange to level 2 or higher

stock exchange material links :
stock-ticker money-clip calculator business-suit prospectus
stock ticker link – money clip link – calculator link – business suit link – prospectus link

stock share links :
valor-industries-share bella-productions-share intuition-tech-share
valor industries share link – bella productions share link – intuition tech share link

mission 2: status symbol goal
– Upgrade Stock Exchange to level 3 or higher
– Invest in Intuition Tech
– Ask Friends for Fancy Bow Ties

mission 3: keep stocking up goal
– Upgrade Stock Exchange to level 4 or higher
– Deliver Coins
– Gain a new level in CityVille


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