Cityville Zoo Goals

By | April 29, 2011

Cityville Zoo Goals ! after you reach level 17 look for Zookeeper Karen’s Quest to start building your Zoo

Karen The Zoologist will guide you for zoo

here are the list for cityville zoo quests :

part 1: animal rescue goal
Build Jungle Habitat
Place Jungle Animal

part 2: jungle friends goal
Have 2 Animals
Place an Animal in their Habitat

part 3: animal attraction goal
Place Jungle Zoo Gate
Harvest 20 Alfalfa Crops

part 4: feed the tourists
Build a Zoo Cafeteria
Harvest 40 Crops of Corn
Revive 25 Neighbor’s Crops

part 5: picnic at the zoo goal
Place Picnic Area
Ask friends for 10 Stuffed Animals

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  • Rajnish Matta

    How do i put Animal in Cityville Zoo

    • admin

      first you must put your jungle habitat then click place animal in your inventory, remember that not all ‘animals’ can be put inside the habitat

  • Zozial

    Everytime i click send donation, there’s a message saying you cannot accept this reward. I’m level 66. can anybody help me

  • “D”

    Thats because all donations have already been given to that person.. meaning theres only a certain amount of donations a person can accept.. i think 3 doantions.. so once 3 people send them it, no one else can until he reposts the goal!

  • Krista

    I have received 2 boars & 2 jaguars. now when i request animals i keep getting nothing but coins & goods. has anyone figured out how to receive more animals? i can’t seem to get any more from anyone. and without all the animals you can’t get a new habitat… also can you place only one of each habitat or can you buy multiples?