Clumsy Ninja Barrel Attack Walkthrough

By | December 10, 2013

On level 41 there are 3 task : chicken idol, clumsy ninja barrel attack and barrel balance can you complete these missions ?
Welcome to ninja training, ninjas are swifter than the wind and as silent as shadows, except this one. This ninja is clumsy now, but with your help he will learn

chicken idol : my ancestors used to hand out here – get the ninja check out their carving on the pillar back there

clumsy ninja barrel attack walkthrough
you must drop a red barrel on the ninja’s head – he should be able to destroy it himself!
on barrel attack you only need to grab red barrel and release it on his head so it destroy, there will be a blue bar and you need to make it full 100%

barrel balance : throw the ninja on top of a red barrel – can he balance on it ? cool !