Co-Op Farming FarmVille

By | April 3, 2010

Co-Op Farming FarmVille is here ! did you see new icon on the bottom right ?

Accept a job
Folks in FarmVille will ask for help in completing farming jobs.

Recruit friends to help
Recruit friends to join your job and help grow crops.

Complete the job
Grow enough crops before time expires !

All Jobs shows what jobs you have available to start, or any jobs that you can join from your neighbors.
Active Jobs will show the progress that you have made on any jobs you have started.
Job History shows your stats for all the jobs you’ve attempted.
To start a job, click the Start button (or in the case of jobs from your neighbors, the Join button) where you’ll be taken to a description of the job, as well as the requirements and rewards:

Reap the rewards
The faster you finish, the bigger your ultimate reward !

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  • jjj

    How to start a job?

  • Doris

    Since we are having a problem signing on with a partner in co-op farming we should get extra time when this is fixed. One person can not do job by themselves

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  • maggy

    je ne comprends rien et de plus je ne peux même plus prendre mes cadeaux

  • Lisa

    I had 6 gold awards and now they are all missing. What happened

  • Reba Banks

    I have not been able to start or join a co op since 5-6-10 5 of us joined one the next day it had dissapeared now we 4 of us cannot do anything with the co op can anyone help we are loosing game

  • phyllis leslie

    how come i do not have the co-op sign above my gift box in order to play co-op with my friends .i,m new so do you have to be at a certain level