Coasterville Goals

By | December 11, 2012

Remember to check your progress on coasterville goals because it will give you access to unlock new parts of the park, rides, themes, rewards and more.

for the introduction quest Kelly will guide you how to play coasterville with some missions and tutorial

you can see the icon on left side of the game screen

you can hover the goal to see the progress you made or click for details

tap the (?) on each requirements to see the hint or click “show me”

here are some of the first quests walkthrough :

goal : Give a Boost
– Collect 50 Thrill Points by Boosting Attractions

goal : Wanna Be Popular
– Raise your Park’s Popularity to 120

goal : Money Maker
– Build A Business
– Collect Coins from a Business

goal : Thrills and Spills
– Expand your Roller Coaster to 3 Segments
– Paint the Roller Coaster
– Boost the Comet Coaster 1 Time

goal : A Grand Entrance
– Upgrade the Front Gate

goal : The Rules of Attraction
– Visit Marty’s Park
– Perform 5 Actions in Mary’s Park
– Collect 1 Inspiration from Marty’s Park

goal : Feed the Children
– Search the Hot Dog Cart
– Upgrade the Hot Dog Cart

goal : A Whole New View
– Have a Ferris Wheel
– Paint your Park with a New Terrain
– Place 2 Decorations

goal : Souvenirs for the Kids
– Build 1 Road
– Move 2 Businesses
– Earn 30 Coins

goal : Even More Fun
– Have 4 Expansion Segments for the Comet Coaster
– Upgrade Carousel to Level 2