Coffee Machine Cafe World

By | June 17, 2010

Coffee Machine Cafe World 🙂 Coffee is here ! Start brewing coffee for your customers to boost your buzz, cafe points and coins !


Make sure you’ve unpacked your coffee machine from coffee machine crate to get started !

For now there are 4 coffee that you can brew :
Cup o’Joe
cost 9 energy
servings 5
bonus : 21 coins, 2.1 buzz boost, 1 cafe points

Dark Roast
cost 22 energy
servings 6
bonus : 55 coins, 2.2 buzz boost, 4 cafe points

Decaf Coffee
cost 35 energy
servings 8
bonus : 132 coins, 0.7 buzz boost, 3 cafe points

Gourmet Blend
cost 43 energy
servings 9
bonus : 18 coins, 2.1 buzz boost, 9 cafe points


how coffee machine works on cafe world :
Brewing Coffee
Coffee costs energy from your energy bar to brew.
The machine can only hold one full pot, so all cups must be served before another pot can be brewed.
If you run out of energy, come back later or use an energy refill.

Serving Coffee
The coffee machine lets you interact directly with customers to earn buzz, cafe points, and coins !
Just brew some coffee and then start clicking on customers who are thinking about coffee.
Customers aren’t interested in coffee after they start eating, so click on them quickly.

Energy Bar
Energy is a new resource you can use for special activities like brewing coffee.
You’ll gain an energy point every few minutes, but only until the bar is full.
To use energy as efficiently as possible, come back and play often !

you can also get energy by clicking ‘get energy’ and it will post on your wall so your friend can send energy for you

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  • idonotdrinkcoffee

    Also get Energy Refill every time you Master coffee so if have a coffee at like 10/11 and only cost 12 don’t use 20+ energy to make it

  • Shilpa

    i am not able to get coffee machine. please help me to get coffee machine in my cafe world.

  • Sandy

    I never received my coffee machine!! How do I get one for my cafe?! Please help!!!