Collections Cabinet Cafe World

By | October 30, 2010

Collections Cabinet Cafe World ! there’s a new feature + special item in cafe world, cabinet !

cafe world collection cabinet

The best chefs need the best equipment ! Get a collections cabinet so that you can trade in collection sets to earn special rewards. the rewards will only keep getting better so get your collections cabinet now !

so the collections cabinet will works like this :
1. find utensils while playing, to complete a collection
2. get a collections cabinet
3. trade in collections to earn special rewards

go to special > functional where you can see collections cabinet assembly and you can start to build it

you will need to collect collections cabinet parts :
10 drawers
10 handles
10 mounting bolts
10 paint


for now here’s the cafe world collections :
kitchen navigation : Reward 250 CP and 250 coins
collect: can opener, cutting board, salad bowl, wine opener, wooden spoon

stainless steel pots and pans : Reward 3 six hour thymes and 500 coins
collect: ST frying pan, ST omlette pan, ST sauce pan, ST saute pan, ST skillet

simple dinnerware : Reward Unlock Royal Feast and 500 coins
collect: bread and butter plate, salad plate, dinner plate,serving dish, soup bowl

simple pots and pans : Reward 250 CP and 250 coins
collect: frying pan, omlette pan, sauce pan, saute pan, skillet

cutting for beginners : Reward +5 energy point and 500 coins
collect: utility knife, chef’s knife, paring knife, carving knife, bread knife

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