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By | September 11, 2009

Comics Blog. I’m sure you have read some comics before, but what about read a comic strip in a blog ? I belive it’s a rare one right ? Because not all people have a drawing skills and wants to put their daily activity in blog / journal.
If you have a character and some funny idea, maybe you can create one. Why must funny ? because it lets people laugh a lot, and smile is healthy.

And i’ve found a cute comics blog with a cute and funny character, Miao a.k.a Akiraceo. From his name, i think you already know what character is that 😛 Yup it’s a cat.
You should check Miao comic blog, because in there you’ll find some interesting story about some daily life about Miao. Like works, holidays, and anything that goes on his life.. and don’t forget he’s humourist too 🙂

So i bet if you see one of his post, you’ll laugh like i did.

More about Miao profile :
Name : Jian Goh
Nick : Akiraceo
D.O.B : 1985
City : Kuching/Melaka

And guess what, on yesterday 10 September he just got his 24th birthday 🙂

So i make this picture for his birthday

you can see a Miao holding a birthday cake and wafu as a birthday candle 😛

Wafu is a hamster that always do some bad things to miao hehehe, remember to visit Miao comics blog for more information 😀

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  • Jian aka miao

    Wahhhhh thank you!!!!

    Some more the pic is sooo funny XD

    And Wafu looks exactly the same Hohohoh ^^

    • admin

      hahaha, glad you like it 🙂 Nice to know you Miao ^__^