Consumable Buffs Farmville Horse Power

By | February 19, 2010

Consumable Buffs Farmville Horse Power 🙂 There’s a new ribbon on farmville for horse stable


Horse Power Ribbon : Harvest Consumable Buffs From Your Stable
Yellow: 5 Consumables
White: 25 Consumables
Red: 50 Consumables
Blue: 100 Consumables

farmville consumable buff ?

what is consumable buffs on farmville ? how to get consumable buffs for horse power in farmville ?
When collecting or harvesting from your Horse Stable, you now have a chance of finding three new consumables that will assist you with your farming needs.

The following consumables can be found when collecting from your Horse Stable:
* Arborist – Instantly harvest all trees that are ready to be harvested. This consumable can be used once.
* Farm Hands – Instantly collect from all animals that are ready to be harvested (only applies to animals that are outside of buildings). This consumable can be used once.
* 100 XP – The 100 XP will appears in your Giftbox.

(thanks to Nina78 from farmville forum 🙂 )

for arborist and farm hands you can see it in the market on upgrade farm tab, here’s the explanations from the market :

collect Consumable Buffs by harvest horse stable to get horse power ribbon now !

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  • Farm16

    Do we get get consumable buffs only if the stable is full of horses i.e 20/20 or any number like 15/20 horses?

  • Phoenix

    I’m wondering that also. I’ve never harvested one though I have friends who seem to get one every day. I had white stallions (came from the valentines mystery boxes) and took those out thinking maybe that’s why I wasn’t getting any. Also had Clydesdales in the stable and thought maybe that was why I wasn’t getting any so took those out. Still none. The only thing I can think of is I have Palominos in my stables, or one of the guys that always gets them commented he has a stable full of gray horses, maybe the gray horse is like a golden chicken. *shrug*

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