Country Story Auto Sell

By | March 4, 2010

Country Story Auto Sell ! did you get this pop up when you open country story ?

yeah auto sell ! damn 😛

Your crops, fruits or animal produce will now be automatically sold if you harvest or steal. An exception to this is of course animal food such as Chicken Wheat and Grass, so these will be placed in your storage/animal tab after harvest! Due to this change, the Crops&Produce Tab is removed from the storage.

When you log in now after the update, all your current crops, fruit and animal produce will be automatically sold, you will be informed about the change in the game and you will be told how much you will be earning.

The country story daily reward you get for logging in is no longer food, but 10 seeds!

Note also that there have been some tweaks made to the lamb quest, they have become easier. However, if you were already working such a quest you will lose your progress for this quest now with this update. You will need to start this one particular quest over again.

The “ask for friend” function have changed, so crops will now not be auto-harvested when a friend is looking after your crops. This is in preparation for a bigger overhaul of this particular feature that we are planning for the future. You´ll notice that there is no “Get Friend Help” anymore when you visit your friends farm.

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  • KathyJB

    I can’t find the storage in country storage anymore. Where is it?