Country Story Christmas Update

By | December 11, 2009

Christmas Update on Country Story 🙂 There’s also many christmas theme you can see in country story ^__^ i love snow and christmas !!


look there’s santa 🙂 and cows instead a reindeers ? cute 😛

Want to know what christmas updates on country story ?
Here they are :
– 15 count-down holiday items

– 1 Holiday view (free for all users, auto pop-up to ask if you want to use it)

– Holiday biscuit (restore stamina)
– Daily reward can only get Christmas biscuits

– New Holiday loading screen

– Current house now has snow and decoration lamps (free for all users)
– Outer frame of current land has snow (free for all users)

And also more update for country story tree and newsletters
– Level up of Magic Trees
* Each level looks a little bit different
* Each level produce different fruit

– Changed tree fruit price (both basic tree fruit and magic tree fruit), it is now at a lower price

– Newsletter system improve
* New user will not see any newsletter
* Other user will not have more than 3 unread newsletters in the mail box at the same time

– Change stealing tree fruit to each time steal only 1 fruit

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  • juanita

    accidently, i chose not to change the view of my farm to get in the holiday mood. any chance i can do it now?