Country Story Elephant

By | May 13, 2010

Country Story Elephant ! new baby elephant that waters all your crops !

Get it in the shop 🙂

Tired of watering all your plots? Now the rescue is here! Buy the Elephant, and it will water all your crops for you!

you can buy the elephant with 15000 coins on the shop

elephant size : 4 x 3

baby elephant on country story 😀

You will need to feed the Elephant bananas, which you can buy from the Animal Food shop.
buy 3 for 1 day with 1 playfish cash
buy 21 for 7 day with 5 playfish cash
buy 60 for 20 day with 10 playfish cash

You can also now again gift the Playfish Cash items if you want to do that, but it can only be done at the point of purchase.

For a limited time only, you can get bananas via free gifts from your friends.

since the elephant is a animal that we use coins to buy, why is it that the banana are needed to be bought using playfish coins. why cant we just grow banana trees ? just like how we grow grass and chicken wheat for the other animals ?
Because playfish want you to pay for auto-water 😛

when does the elephant baby water the crops and tree ?
the elephant automatically waters completely dry plots or tree and whenever you plant something new, the plot becomes automatically dark brown.

It takes 2 stamina and gives 5 EXP

get this cute baby elephant in country story and it will helps you water your crops and tree 😀

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  • Mariano

    Is there a way to sell the elephant? I don’t have any playfish cash, and i don’t intend to get any.

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  • Huong

    my elephant doesn’t water the plants, why?