Country Story Frequently Ask Question

By | August 5, 2009

These are some Country Story Frequently Ask Question, you can read all detail information in the previous Country Story Tips and Tricks, Country Story Tips, and Country Story Quests Guide

Country Story Dog

What is the dog quest?
The Dog Quest gives you a guard dog, that helps you guard your crops sometimes. It doesnt work all the time just sometimes, its quite cute and can also help you get a spiffy new trophy.

When can i get the dog quest?
This dog quest will be available for you at level 8, Man’s best friend. It is however advised that you start getting your friends up to 100 points before you get the quest.

How is the dog quest done?
The Dog quest can be done by simply attaining 15 friends with 100 friend points. That means that you need to get 15 friends with this.

Missing Dog ?
Q : I have a problem with the dog quest, i complete the quest with the 15 friends with 100% points of friendship and all, the quest book shine, i got the reward and everything but i can’t find the dog anywhere , it’s not in storage nor in my farm.
A : I think this case happen a lot… maybe this is one of country story bug, well… try to save & quit and then refresh. It should show up 🙂

Country Story Friend Points

What do Friend Points do?
Well i have shown you earlier how to access the friend points and how they are used in a quest. Mainly friend points are used to protect your crops.
You see that button that says get help? If you click it it will bring you here.
Now choose take care of my crops. What happens next is your friend will water your crop for you. He/She will also go on to harvest it for you. They will also protect your crops from being stolen.

Some of you may notice the “this belongs to a friend” message when you try to steal. This means that its being protected by a friend. The harvest will go into your storage and you will be left with the weeds at the end for you to plow and replant crops.
Note that every time your friend finishes harvesting and you plant a new crop. You have to re-assign a new friend to protect it. If it is a 2 or 3 season crop your friend will harvest all 2 or 3 seasons for you before it dies of and you need to plant a new one. You will then have to reassign them to the plot again.

If I use my friend points wont they go down?
Not to fear. You can raise your friend points by sending stuff to your friends. From what i know it is 100 coins for 1 FP. But please bear in mind that it can only be increased by 10 points a day.

This is some list of things that equal 10 friendship points :
100 sticks
100 stones

1000 chicken wheat
500 white radish
250 carrots
200 green peppers
150 corn
167 purple radish
167 yellow peppers
167 red peppers

5 Milk
5 Bread
4 Cake (white dish)
4 Pie
2 Turkeys
2 Fish

The following is a list of the bare minimum increments required for 10 FP. It was researched by andwan0
491 white radish – 10 FP
490 white radish – 9 FP

246 carrots – 10 FP
245 carrots – 9 FP

192 green peppers – 10 FP
191 green peppers – 9 FP

141 corn – 10 FP
140 corn – 9 FP

184 yellow peppers – 10 FP
183 yellow peppers – 9 FP

Purple orchid – 10 FP
Pink orchid – 9 FP

How to finish Watering? Can! quest ?
I have watered my friends crop but they just wont count to my quest!
Why do i need to water them anyway?
Ok first of all u have to make sure your friends crops need the watering.

here is a simple guide as to what will be counted to watering or not.
Don’t Water

Why do you need to water your crops?
As you can see there in the picture above your crops wither without water. This means that the time on them growing will stop and will only resume after u water them. So your plant will stay a shoot/seed forever untill u continue watering them for the countdown to continue, they will not die.

Country Story Lifestock

Can livestock be sent?
No livestock cannot be gifted so dont buy it for your friends or try to trade it in the forums after buying it.

How do u feed my chicken/cow/sheep?
First you click on your animal and then see that button on the left? yes click on it to feed your livestock.

How do you collect eggs in Country Story ?
Youn can use your basket that you use to collect crops with to collect eggs

How you move the chicken after you place it down ?
Click on ”Decoration” and drag your chicken to the place you want.
If a Red Squares appear, it means you can’t place it there.
If a Green Squares appear, it means that the place is available for your chicken.

How do you move a grown chicken ?
You will need to press ‘storage’ if you want to move the chicken around.

Will my animal die?
No if you do not feed them they do not die. They merely stop growing or producing food whichever stage your livestock is at.
My animal takes 72 hours to lay an egg/produce milk/wool! It is not worth it.
Well that is actually the time it takes to grow up. After that 72 hours are reached it will take much less time to produce an egg/wool/milk. Meaning multiple times a day

You can buy wheat and grass seeds from the shop on the first page.
Grass will be unlocked at level 20

After calculating it seems that chickens eat 10 food every 3 hours and 10 mins (=

Also Warning: If you have fed your livestock and you put it back into your inventory all food that has been fed will be lost and u will have to feed them again.

How to fast level up on Country Story ?
You can’t really level up super fast on country story. Just do all the quests, and invite more friends to play, so you get more things, and use the maneuver right when you plant something so you can quickly get the plant and plow and put in a new seed. But basically, steal things from your friends so you can do the quests and gain money, invite friends, and grow a lot of plants.

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  • Frand.

    I have a problem with the Dog Quest because I only have 5 friends.. I was only wondering if there was any faster way? Thanks.

  • Emii (:

    i cant harvest my freaking chicken . when i visit country story, it says my chicken is growing and needs like 1 more hour to grow. i visit in an hour, it says it needs 3 more hours to grow . i visit in 3 hours, and it needs 7 hours . and it keeps going ! it ALREADY has eggs right next to it’s chicken butt too . ):

    • admin

      you can harvest the chicken eggs using the harvest tool then 🙂

  • Lolliex735

    i already got the dog but how come the number of thieves is litle when i have a lot of crops?? is there a cheat where u can upgrade ur dog?

    • admin

      no, the dog will upgrade everytime the dog catch any thief. You can see it in thropy level 🙂

  • CountryStoryFan

    i have a sheep that has already grown into a adult and it is all woolly.but how do i take the wool from the sheep???

    • admin

      you must wait untill the sheep produce the wooll 🙂 it will be near the sheep, you can see country story livestock guide for more info.

  • Kitty

    OK, a lovely, lovely question for you. My little chicken has produced three eggs and, similar to ’emii’ above, every time I visit my little chicken it say it has one hour til harvest; then three; then four etc. Dissimilar to the above I have attacked my little chicken MANY a time with the damn harvesting tool and still it wont give up the eggs. I want to move it but they say my little chicken cant be moved until her eggs are collected but no matter how many times I prod the poor clucker with the harvest tool the EGGS WONT BUDGE 🙂 Help please?

  • Kitty

    Ok… feeling rather foolish actually, having returned to country story and once again prodded my little chicken with the harvest tool found that if you double click on the eggs themselves it DOES actually work. ^^ So yeah. Um thanks for your…help ^^ lol

  • Annie Cullen

    Can I Steal From My Friends Animals ?

  • oki

    Level 8??? I’m level 24 and I never got the dog quest. ~_~;;;; Will I still get the dog if I just do the required things? I have like 34 friends.
    You don’t have to finish any of the quests that require playfish cash before the dog quest happens, do you?? Because I haven’t done any of those.

  • ayachan

    hey, is there anyone can help me ? im level 19 . and there some quest i cant finish it yet .

    there is :

    i need more eggs for breakfast ! 3 of those tasty white chicken eggs will do for now, but i will back for more

    i do harvest my white chicken, but the quest never done -___-
    plis help me .

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the “Shake-a-Tree 5 times!” quest, and it’s not working. No matter how many times I shake the fruit off the tree, then pick it up, it always says I have 0/5 shakes. Thank you very much to anyone that helps!

  • Zoe

    is there any way to move plots of land? Can’t figure it out.

  • TAJI

    For a lot of time when i try to open Contry story, this message appears: “we are currently unable to establish a connection to Country Story”.
    I read at the 27 question that i must refresh the game… but i try for a lot of time without results…

  • Bella

    I have a big and annoying problem. I have no clue what went wrong. There is something on my farm that is out of place and each time I’ve tried to move it, an error message pops up. and when i refresh its right back where i’ve started.

    I have cleared browsing history soo many times. i’ve tried to save the game n quickly close it b4 the message comes up… nothing… and its really annoying.

    PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS!! everytime i move it it shuts the game down! WTH??????

  • loven

    how to go to the storage!!!!

  • Alec

    Will my pony grow up ever or do i have to buy a grown up one?

  • Coffee

    Can I sell or gift my pet to friend?

  • Rosie

    how can i move the things????