Country Story Full Time Farmer Quest 10 Lamb Dolls

By | January 25, 2010

Country Story Full Time Farmer Quest with 10 Lamb Dolls Rewards 🙂

If you see the loading screen there are 10 lamb dolls for you to collect 🙂

how to get the lamb doll on country story ?
Well there are Full Time Farmer quest that will give you rewards of lamb doll 🙂

Here’s the quest example : Full Time Farmer (i) quest

the quest items are :
sweat potato

There’re 10 different lambs, and each quest comes at different levels in the game.. if you’re at level 30 or high level already, you should have had a few of them already 🙂 and they cannot be gifted. You must earn them by yourself.

Also you must be at certain level and complete the previous one to get the new one.

Quest requirements :
Quest 1: Full time farmer (i) – level 18/19
Quest 2: Full time farmer (ii)
Quest 3: Full time farmer (iii)
Quest 4: Full time farmer (iv)
Quest 5: Full time farmer (v)
Quest 6: Full time farmer (vi) – level 34
Quest 7: Full time farmer (vii)
Quest 8: Full time farmer (viii)
Quest 9: Full time farmer (ix)
Quest 10: Full time farmer (x)

Here are the chart quest made by Foxinramen so you can know what the quest items and the lamb doll rewards 🙂

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  • Jia Li

    Quest 5: Full time farmer (v) – level 32 (cucumber seeds)

  • Suzanne

    I’m level 14 and i’m at Quest 3: Full time farmer (iii)

  • Nelly

    where are the lambs now? x_T

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  • Camille

    I think it is stupid that we cannot either sell or gift the Lamb Dolls.. Same thing with the Bird Nest… I would prefer making money than to have cheezy decoration items… Too bad… What do you guys think?

  • niko

    hey im lvl 26 but cant buy the damn cucumber seeds to finish full time farmer 5 could anyone post some help?

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  • nevermouse

    The pic links go to a locked account … what are the 10 lambs, please?

  • ozgekemal

    ya 0/110 istio tomato cucumber a daha ck varr 4 tane lamb toplamısım :S ben 27 levelim daha ck varrr…diğer meyve sebzeleri ekmeye baslayacam