Country Story Halloween Update White Duck

By | October 22, 2009

Country Story Halloween UpdateWhite Duck. Yeah, finally halloween comes to country story 🙂 In this country story new update there’s a new livestock too, a white duck 😀

And some more updates :
In addition to that we have done some changes, an outline of them is below.
– You can now purchase a duck for your farm. The duckling when grown up will produce eggs!
– When you water your friends crops you will no longer lose any stamina, but you will also not gain any GreenPoints when watering friends crops.
– Watering your crops is now easier, you can make your plot wet from completely dry in just one watering action.
– You can now earn GreenPoints when you brush your friends animals!

In addition to that there are some various bug fixes

Here’s the picture :
Country Story Halloween Decorative Items

Country Story Halloween Fences

Country Story Halloween Cash Items

Country Story New Livestock :
How to get duck in country story ?
Easy, just go to the livestock and purchase this white duck.

White Duck

You will need these items for white duck :
– 10000
– 50 stones
– 50 woods

I’m still don’t know if there’s any quest for white duck 😛 because there’re quest for every livestock in country story, you can see it in Country Story Quest.

Update: now the white duck already grow up 🙂

just look how cute the white duck when you brush it

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  • Art

    PLease change some things back. What’s the reason for resetting the scroll bar for friends back to #2 when you’re at friend #20. I have to scroll all-the-way back to ~20 to collect sticks and stones. And what happened to your friend’s character which enlarged when you visit his/her farm as an indication that you are on their farm. It’s very frustrating! I have to scroll back up to see who’s farm I’m at!! what is the point of this ridiculous change? to make countrystory players quit?

  • Le

    Do you know why now in the stock icon(as a house) there is a star signal around it like when you have new quest?

    • admin

      yeah i just noticed that, that’s mean there’s a new item/seed etc that you get.
      the new item will shines~

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  • scott

    how can i get the waterslide & diving pool & and waterfalls… Please send to me or tell me how to get them ..Thank you Scott