Country Story Hire Jeb The Monkey Helper

By | July 18, 2010

Country Story Hire Jeb The Monkey Helper ! Never lose a crop or produce again!

jeb for hire on country story

Jeb the Monkey is ready and waiting to give you a hand! He’ll harvest all your crops and produce automatically before they can rot or be stolen! Thanks Jeb the Monkey!

There is a new monkey in town! You can hire the monkey to help you harvest your crops, fruit and animal production! If you have a plot that is harvested, and you hire the monkey, he will help you clear this as well.

It cost Playfish Cash to hire the monkey, hire jeb for :
7 days = 7 playfish cash
14 days = 12 playfish cash
21 days = 15 playfish cash (best deal)


The monkey helper will :
– Harvest all your produce instantly
– Sell your produce at a higher price
– Clear all your weeds after harvesting
– You will still gain experience and complete quests

The Monkey will sell your crops, fruit and animal production and turn it into coins. Dog production (banana) will not be sold, but will be put into your storage. The monkey will not pick up tree spirits for you.