Country Story Horse Racing

By | November 13, 2010

Country Story Horse Racing ! The amazing NEW pony racing feature! Take good care of your ponies and enter them in exciting races NOW!

pony race on country story

after you build your horse stable you will be able to get a pony and race it !

here are some tips for pony racing by hfan007 :
1. The better the position in results, the better the exp and coins win, 1st place also gives you a random construction material (paint, brick etc.)

2. The higher level track also gives you more exp and coins comparing to low level tracks.

3. However, the higher level tracks are harder to win.

4. Horses gain random attributes (speed, endurance and dexterity) when leveled up.

5. The 3 pictures showed during racing is to show how well your horse do in the race, 3 different types so far: jumping, speeding and trip over. Jumping and speeding pictures are good, trip over picture is bad.

6. The track difficulty is relative to your horse level, tracks with horses lower than your horse level is EASY, track with the same level horse as yours is NORMAL, track with horses higher level than your horse is HARD.

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