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By | August 22, 2009

I know there’s already livestock guide in Country Story Frequently Ask Question and Country Story Tips. But i found a full guide about Country Story Livestock, this is another guide by Doris2008 πŸ˜€

Raising and Caring for Animals on your Farm
An important feature of Country Story is raising livestock. The main function is to earn extra coins, but they look cute as well.

The Animals

When we first get our animal, it’s a baby and has to be cared by us in order to mature into a produce yielding farm animal. You will receive quest that give some animals (you can see Country Story Quest) or you can buy them from the livestock store.

The baby animals need to be cared for in order to grow.
When first get an animal and take it home, clicking on the white hand icon and hovering the mouse over the animal will bring up this information.
This tells us the mood of our livestock is in and the required care it needs.

This tells us how hungry our livestock is

This tells us how happy the animal is

This tells us when our livestock will :
– become an adult
– leave you an item of produce

Animal Food

The first thing we must do is feed our animal. We do this by clicking on these symbols we see when clicking on the livestock with the mouse.

Chickens eat Chicken Wheat, Cows and Sheep eat Grass. The number at the side tells us how many pieces of that crop we have left in our inventory.
If you have 99+ you will have to check the actual amount by looking in your storage.

You will need food to feed your animal as soon as you take it home in order for it to grow. It is not a problem however, if you take it home without food, your animal will just start to grow as you do feed it. They won’t die πŸ™‚

Chicks require chicken wheat as food, you can unlock this to buy when reaching level 8.

Cows and Sheep require Grass to eat. This cannot be unlocked to buy yourself until reaching level 20. However it is possible to get some from friends or by trading if you want an animal before that.

Chicks need to be loved in order to grow. You do this by clicking on the heart symbol that appears over their head when you click on the chick.

Cows and sheep, and hens need to be brushed in order to be kept healthy and happy πŸ™‚

It’s important to feed and make your livestock happy as often as necessary in order to :
– Keep them growing from baby to adult
– Keep the fully grown livestock making produce as regularly as they should.

If these requirements are not met, then these processes will slow down

These four images show the chick after being fed and loved, and starting the growing process.
1. The chick has been given 1 ‘lot’ of food, there are 95 pieces of Chicken Wheat left in the inventory. The mood has changed from ‘low‘ (when it was acquired) to ‘normal‘.
2. Another lot of food has been given. There are now 85 pieces of chicken wheat left and the mood has changed from ‘normal‘ to ‘good‘.
3. The last lot of food has been given. A bowl can hold 30 pieces of food, which is 3 servings of 10. The mood has gone from ‘good‘ to ‘great‘.
4. The last thing the chick needs is some love, and then it will start the growing process. After clicking the heart icon, and loving the chick, then the chick becomes content. The heart icon will change from ‘sad‘ to ‘happy‘.
But most importantly, the timer will start to countdown, this tells us how long is left before the livestock is mature. It starts at roughly 72 hours for each animal, but will slow down if the animal is not kept happy and healthy by feeding and loving.

* Cows and Sheep require brushing in order to be kept happy, instead of the ‘love‘ icon.

Animal Produce

After three days of caring for your baby animals, they will mature into adult livestock, that will make produce for you to sell.
Chickens produce eggs, sheep produce wool, and cows produce milk. The different animals produce a different type of each produce. So there are 2 different eggs, 3 wools and 2 milks. Each one of these sell for different amounts, as the animals cost different amounts to buy.

Once livestock is fully grown, the timer changes. It now tells us how long is left until the animal will give us another produce.

The animals still require caring for, or the process will slow down. The image below shows a chicken that is producing eggs slowly, as it’s not happy.

When the animal is thinking about the produce, it’s telling us that it’s ready to be collected.
There can be only be 3 at a time ready to be collected, so if you don’t move it to your storage, the animal cannot produce any more.

Produce is collected in the same way we harvest crops, by clicking crop tray icon and then using the white glove to pick the produce up.


The produce we pick up is automatically added to our inventory. It can be found in our storage, under the produce tab. From here it can be either be sold or sent to somebody as a gift, possible to use for gaining friendship points.

While the storage chest is open, it’s possible to move your livestock around your farm.

First, open up the storage chest. Then click on the animal you want to move. A white box will appear around the animal. This is the space that the animal requires to be ‘free’ to be placed. If there’s anything in the way (crops, ploughed land, decorations, other animals, etc) then parts of the white box will appear red. This means the animal cannot be put down at that spot and you will have to find an empty space.
In this instance the farmer is in the way, so i would have to move my character slightly in order to place the sheep.

This shows a newly bought chick in storage.
The timer shows 0h 0m as it has not yet started to grow. The sheep however is a fully grown sheep that has been placed into storage.
The timer shows when it is next ready to produce. The timers will stop in storage

It’s important to note than when an animal is placed in storage.
Whatever food was in the bowl when it’s placed there is lost, and it has also been known that any produce that hasn’t been collected can be lost when placing an animal in storage.

When we visit a friends farm, it’s possible to give the chicks some love and to brush the other animals.
It’s not possible however to feed other people livestock.

If we spot some ‘sad’ animals on our visits collecting sticks and stones, we can help the owners out by making the animals happy. However, we get no reward for doing so πŸ˜›

Livestock cannot be gifted
When we buy or receive livestock in a quest, it automatically goes to our storage, under the ‘animals’ tab.
It has to be moved out and placed onto the farms wherever we choose to.

Country Story most profitable animal is ?

With the recent drama about production price on eggs and now i am wondering are animals still profitable after the recent changes

White chicken
cost = 12,000
produce value = 240
time to produce = 6 hours

12,000 / 240 = 50 eggs to recover cost
50 x 6 = 300 hours
300 hours divide by 24 = 12.5
(if u feed them and make them happy so production time wont be affected)

therefore 12.5 days before u start making profits

Common sheep
cost = 30,000
produce value = 700
time to produce = 14 hours

30,000 / 700 = 43 wools to recover cost
43 x 14 = 602 hours
602 hours divide by 24 = 25.08
(if u feed them and make them happy so production time wont be affected)

therefore 25 days before u start making profits

Brown sheep
cost = 40,000
produce value = 840
time to produce = 14 hours

40,000 / 840 = 48 wools to recover cost
48 x 14 = 672 hours
672 hours divide by 24 = 28
(if u feed them and make them happy so production time wont be affected)

therefore 28 days before u start making profits

White cow
cost = 80,000
produce value = 2000
time to produce = 20 hours

40 milks to recover cost
40 x 20 = 800 hours
800 hours divide by 24 = 33.33
(if u feed them and make them happy so production time wont be affected)

therefore 33 days before u start making profits

This is the amount of days before u actually start earning profits
However this calculations does not include maintence cost on grass and wheat ~

Just to compare White Cow with Brown Cow:
White Cow produces 2,000 per 20 hours, and takes roughly 33.33 days for you to start turning in profit (not including the time it takes to mature), assuming you have it well brushed and fed. (about 35.83 days if you include costs for grass)

Brown cow produces 2,200 per 20 hours and you turn in profit once it mature.
Assuming a cost of 180 in grass, you will make about 79,200 – (180*30) = 73,800 in 30 days. Again, assuming it’s fully fed and happy all the time.

A chicken produces 7,200 in 30 days
A sheep produces 21,000 in 30 days
A cow produces 60,000 in 30 days

Cows are the most profitable. In about 48 days, your cow will make more than what your chicken make, and in 90 days, the profit that your cow will bring in double what a chicken is able to bring in (in that 90 days).

I hope this guide will help you πŸ˜€

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  • MatinSh

    the info above helped a lot but im still gonna ask what i asked a minute ago in another page just incase πŸ˜€ :
    can you gift your animals to a friend? i tried it with my chiken ( both yellow and white to see maybe how you gain it matter) but it didnt work.
    so i was wondering if there’s another way..
    msg back πŸ™‚

    • admin

      i’m afraid you cannot send an animal for a gift to a friend πŸ™‚

  • ben

    i found this site as i was searching some informations about country story, especially about the animals.the calculations for each animal are correct but in the last part there are some mistakes.
    At first the production per month is wrong because you should calculate it from the day when the animals start to gain profit, which means:
    A chicken produces (860 * 30 = )25,800 in 30 days
    A sheep produces 37,500/43,200 in 30 days
    A cow produces 72,000 in 30 days

    The second error is to compare one chicken/sheep with one cow because for the price of one cow i could buy 6,5 chickens or 2,66/2 sheeps!
    so if i would have 80000 coints to spend i would buy 6 chicken instead of 1 cow and my 6 chicken would earn more than 1 cow, and i have to pay less wood and stones for my 6 chickens. the only problem could be a limit of animals that you can keep, but i dont know that there is one.
    so for sure chickens are the most profitable ! ! !

  • ben

    ps.: if you would like to contact me search for
    thorben vogel on facebook!

  • edison

    you are right… but instead of the slots that use by 6 chickens is 54 slots~ and cow only uses 12 slots~ we should think about long term

  • AH

    u should count the food for the animals into the calculation~~!!! which will make animals to making profits longer than u just published

  • charlotte

    I no this is nothing to do with the animals but on the Watering? Can! task i cant do it because my friends dont have the crops im aloud to water can someone help me?

  • admin

    @ AH : maybe you can help me with the food calculation πŸ™‚
    @ charlotte : well you must wait for the crops then. Remember, to finish Watering Can! quest you must water the crops that haven’t fully grown, you should see country story FAQ for the picture and more info

  • soh

    so wat about the newly lanched duck???

  • DivineCCC

    I have a 1 white chicken and 1 yellow chicken, both of which are fully grown. My yellow chicken was a minute away from laying its very first egg, but when I checked, NOTHING WAS THERE! Could this be another one of Country Story’s bugs?

    • admin

      hmm.. that’s possible, but it never happened to me πŸ™‚