Country Story Magic Tree

By | November 29, 2009

Country Story Magic Tree. After you have some tree spirit, you can unlocked magic trees 🙂


How to get magic trees in country story ?
basically, you need to:
1) plant normal fruit trees, and collect tree spirits (if they appear) after the trees die.
2) click on the ‘about trees‘ book at the right side of your game.
3) the book shows you the different types of magic trees available. under each magic tree’s picture, it shows you the 3 spirits that you’ll need to unlock that tree. (if you have the spirits in your storage, the spirits’ picture will turn coloured. else, it’ll be grey coloured).
4) if you’d like to redeem a particular magic tree, click on the ‘combine’ button under that tree. the game will take away the 3 spirits from you, and put the magic tree into your storage.
5) drag the magic tree out from storage and place it in your farm.

note that magic trees CAN be moved around in the farm, but CANNOT be cut down, placed back in storage, or gifted 🙁

Magic Trees – tree spirits requirements to unlocked :
Sacred starfruit : Lime , Green , Red
Young yellow plum : Lime , Pink , Purple
Auspicious apricot : Green , Pink , Red
Pink pomegranate : Pink , Purple , Turquoise
Plumpy persimmon : Lime , Blue , Yellow
Mysical mangosteen : Green , Turquoise , Orange

Here’s the picture of magic tree on coutry story credits to NANAhashi :

Ready to harvest

when the magic tree fruit is ready to harvest use the harvest tool to shake the tree and collect them 🙂
you will get 3 magic fruit for each magic tree.

magic tree fruit

Rare aprocot sell for 300 coins
Rare pomegranate sell for 450 coins
Rate starfruit sell for 300 coins
Rare persimmon sell for 600 coins
Rare plum sell for 300 coins
Rare mangosteen sell for 600 coins

Magic tree levels
if you’ve already got a magic tree, hitting the ‘combine’ button again will only level up the tree — each ‘level up’ gives you an extra fruit per tree.

for now, i only know that there are 3 level for magic tree 🙂

Update : there are 2 new magic trees 🙂 i will add some picture later okay

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  • Jia Li

    Trees CAN be cut down. After the 7 seasons, when it’s dead, just click remove to cut it down.

  • Jessie

    Where do I get the Turquoise tree spirits?

  • firework

    Hi, when you harvest on these Magic trees, how many points do you earn?

    • admin

      you can see the picture 🙂 i’ve added them

  • Tensho

    Trees can be cut down. But magic trees can’t. Trees have 7 seasons. Magic trees are eternal.

  • stefenn

    does the magic trees dies?

  • Winnie

    Can fruits from magic tree be stolen?
    And would the fruits rot in 12 hours if its on the ground?

    • admin

      yes, for both questions 🙁

  • Joo

    so cheap the fruits~haizzz

  • Hayu

    btw, there is a white tree spirit that cant be use for any spirit combination. I got it after one of my tree died, and many people in playfish forum got it too.(probably for future magic trees) Here is the link of the tree spirit.

  • firework

    Hi, the magic trees can level-up. Now, one of my magic tree reaches level 3. I was wondering, what’s the highest level the magic trees can go?

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  • Ge

    is magic tree, that we buy, can be removed? or cut down?
    because my farm has been full of them…

  • firework

    You can’t have magic trees full of your farm, 6 is the maximum you can have. I guess you haven’t had any of them yet, what you have is only ordinary trees. collect tree spirits and check out the tree book.

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  • JT

    is it true that level 3 is already the max for the 8 types of fruit tree?? what if i still have a lot of tree spirits left..?? haha…

  • Irina

    there are two christmas magic trees, and three new magic trees!
    Candy Pine – Lime, Red, Snowflake(Limited)
    Crystal Cranberry – Green, Blue, White [30/fruit]
    Silly Salak – Yellow, Orange, Purple
    Coral Red Calabash – Orange, Pink, White
    Luscious Lotus – Yellow, Blue, Turquoise
    Can anyone write how much money each fruit gives?

  • serina

    doess anyone know which trees give the snowflake spirit?

  • enzo

    why now the normal trees has 4 seasons???

  • enzo

    another question: the snowflake spirit will be closed on 6 of january?

  • Cony

    Luscious Lotus’s Fruits sell for 40 each fruit (120 for the 3 you get each time you harvest them at lvl 1)

  • jonathan

    where do you get the strange tree sprite i need it

  • helen

    my regular trees died after 4 seasons… Now do i have to wait for somthing to happen? When do the reach seventh season? Any ideas?

  • helen

    When do they* reach seventh season?

  • Matthew

    if u have a magic tree and it dies, will it come back if u gather the spirits again?

  • Add me (Pjj Png)

    hmm….. A new one apeared… The valentine event
    “love ” tree thingy (lotous) preety hard to level i it up leh… needs 3 love spirits limited before 24 feb ~~~ although alllllllot of ppl have it..

  • Rachel

    Now normal trees only last 4 seasons (instead of 7), and after they die you collect the tree spirit and cut them down. 🙂

  • retard

    Jia Li : I don’t think your comment could be any wronger…

  • yuki

    how can i take the trere spirts

  • nina colo

    now in country story yhings have changed a lot, the storage & the stores are mixed together, and in the magic tree section I have combined 3 tree spirits for the licorice twister but although I already have it in my storage I cant plant it. I wonder why is this or is it just mine? i will really appreciate your help, thanks

  • intan

    today i’ve combine 3 tree spirits for licorice twister, same as what nina colo concern, i have combined it all…n i have waited so long to get that magic tree..but now i cannot plant it..since it was no where to be found..i’m quite annoyed to this new system..i like the old system, where everything the way it was…never did like the new improvement..i wish there is a solution to this..

  • tianna

    i can’t find my either !!!! im mad !

  • Joceline

    When I combined the 3 spirit they wanted for the Pandora Pandan, I look for it in my storage but I can’t find it… its SOO IRRITATING!!! I hope you could help me!!!

  • Andi

    Can Magic Trees be put in storage? I don’t want all of them in my garden :/

  • Sarah

    I have a question that’s unrelated, how do you plant water based plants in Country Story?