Country Story New Magic Trees + Llama

By | December 24, 2009

Country Story has just been updated. If you see the new loading screen the chick, sheep and cow is changed into llama 😀

That’s mean there’s a new animal on country story, Llama

Now check lets check the llama on country story
yeah you can buy llama with 30 pf cash >.< Llama produce some of the softest and most delicate fabrics in the world! with produce value 2500 coins Also a new feature have been added, a zoom-in / zoom-out function so that you can view your whole farm on your screen!

If you have zoomed out and place an item in your farm, it will appear very large – just zoom-out and then in again or visit a friends farm to solve that minor display issue. They will fix it properly in the new year!

When converting Playfish Cash to Country Story coins there is now a different rate than before, check the bank to see what rate applies to you.

And also they added 3 new magic trees
Silly Salak
Corel Red Calabash
Luscious Lotus


Note also that the magic tree fruit price have changed the level 2 from 45 to 60, level 3 from 50 to 80

And remember for the Last Chance!

All holiday items will be removed from the shop on Jan 6th so get your holiday items now ! Also 2 more weeks to get the limited Holiday Special Tree Spirit for the rare Candy Pine Magic Tree !

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