Country Story Pink Easter Bunny Eggs

By | March 28, 2010

Country Story Pink Easter Bunny Eggs ! there’s a new bunny on country story, a pink easter bunny 🙂


to get pink easter bunny you must purchase it with 15 playfish cash
easter bunny will produces chocolate Easter eggs
the produce value = 600 coins
and easter bunny eats 30 grass / day

also there’s a new quest that you must see 😛

… need .. more .. chocolate !
I’m baking a cake and i’m in a desperate need for chocolate, could you help me out and ask that cute easter bunny of yours to get us some ?
Really appreciate to help ! 3 eggs will do !

so you must collect 3 chocolate easter eggs for need more chocolate quest 🙂

how do you get chocolate easter eggs from on country story ?
Easter eggs are produced by the pink bunny, which can be found in the cash shop. Only the pink bunny will lay easter eggs, the white and grey bunnies produce cotton balls.

yes.. another quest that you must spend playfish cash 🙁

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