Country Story Plant Magic Tree

By | April 27, 2010

Country Story Plant Magic Tree – how to plant magic tree on country story ? as you know the new User Interface has changed since country story update april 19th.

and now on country story April 27th update, they have done some UI changes again, the Magic Trees can now again be planted from the Tree Book as to avoid the long winded road to the Shop to plant Magic trees. You can still do everything from the shop though, if you want to.

to plant your magic tree that you need to go to :
Shop & Storage > Seed & Tree Shop > Magic Tree > Plant

but if you still have some problems how to move magic tree on country story like planting new magic trees, where the ‘Plant’ button is greyed out (i.e. you can’t plant your new Magic Trees) try this solution :
1. combine the tree spirits of your magical tree to lvl 1
2. you CANT plant it right away cause the “plant” button is grey
3. collect 3 required spirits to lvl up magic tree to lvl 2
4. DONT level up the magic tree first !!
5. go to “shop and storage” and the “plant” icon should turn green now..
6. PLANT the lvl 1 magic tree
7. Level up the magic tree to lvl 2

this need a precise and in order task..
exactly do step 1 – 7 to succeed planting the magic tree on country story
skip even 1 step and it will be failed..

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