Country Story Pond Rice

By | June 3, 2010

Country Story Pond Rice 🙂 new feature on country story !

find all information about pond on country story in here

you can see a pond available now 🙂 get one in your farm ! grow rice and pet your ducklings in your very own pond !

Go to terrain shop and find pond in there, you will need cement to build a pond.
Ask your friends for some and you’ll be on your way to be an owner of a lovely pond !

you can build each pond stage directly, there are 4 stages available :
pond stage 1 – 10 cements + 10000 coins or 25 playfish cash
pond stage 2 – 35 cements + 100000 coins or 30 playfish cash
pond stage 3 – 85 cements + 200000 coins or 35 playfish cash
pond stage 4 – 50 playfish cash

don’t feel like waiting for your friends to send you cement for your pond ? buy the pond directly with playfish cash

tips for getting cement : did you know you can get 2 cement a day from one person? they can send cement through the wall post, and as a gift in game.

please note that :
– the pond not be put into storage.
– you can put decorations like water lily or yellow rubber ducky on the pond.
– grow special crop for pond : rice
– grow special animal for pond : ugly duckling

Country Story Rice Crop

There is also now a new type of crop, Rice which is Aquatic! so you can grow rice in your pond.
the rice seed is a 1 season crop that yield 19 crops
sell for 760 coins
harvest in 24 hours
purchase with 600 coins

how to plant rice on pond in country story ?
to plant rice first you have to crate a new plot in the pond, after that you can plant the rice seed.

there is an icon that looks like a brown square at the bottom right of your game, use that to create new plots, or remove old plots if you need to. (the number above the brown square icon tells you how many more plots you can create)

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