Country Story Stealing

By | August 20, 2009

Country Story Stealing, yup.. a lot of people said to me that stealing is wrong, but what if it’s part of the game ? Hmm.. then i think it’s okay 😀
In Country Story there’s a stealing feature to steal other people’s crop. You can see more detail in Country Story Tips. For me, i think stealing other people’s crop is fine, you only can get a maximum of 10 a day. But there are those who do not want to be stolen from. So here’s some advice for them how to avoiding stealing in country story by Ridarella.

1. Limit your friends. For me I find 20 CS firends works fine for stones, wood and what not. It’ll be easier to pick and keep track of people who have a similar gameplay to yours. I have about 15 people who do not steal and 5 who do. I steal from them but not the others. I find 5 people stealing from me acceptable.

2. If you need friends for quests, rewards etc. Plant something that will take forever to grow like yellow peppers. Use the whole day… 22h to add as many ppl as possible, warning them of course that you *will* remove them unless asked not to after the day is over. Remove them before your crops ripen… = no stealing from you.

3. Do not ever leave your crops unattended with a whole bunch of friends who maybe steal… the dog is cute, but lets face it. He’s old. Slow. Blind and I’m starting to think deaf too… We need a vet if anything. So even if you have to wait 2h to plant in a way that you will be able to harvest within the hour of your crops ripening… do it if you risk loosing a lot because you have 50+ friends that steal.

4. You can look for friends who specifically don’t steal on the forum and replace half of your friends with those. They too are more than happy to find friends that don’t steal either.

5. Ask your friends who do not steal to steal from you at every chance they get and send you the stuff back. I have 3 people doing this for me and do it for them. There is only so much one can steal off a plant! Make sure your team gets there first!

6. If you won’t be able to harvest on time but need the crops. Protect your fields. Go out… get 5 new friends for 24h (welcome rewards and such). Use up all the friendship points to protect your crops and remove those friends after.

Whatever happens, just have fun playing and try to find ways of turning the games rules to your own advantage! And remember it’s only a game !!

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  • P.

    Hi. I’m currently level 8 but there’s this one quest that I can’t complete. Yes, it’s the stealing quest. Whenever I try to steal from my friends, the “You cannot take anymore plants” message shows up. I am trying to steal from a farm that has no dog and that didn’t ask help from a friend to guard his plants. This really is bothersome because I never successfully stole a plant from someone. Not once.

  • ambrose

    its easy 2 steal 4 me coz my friends all dont have dog:)

  • Tensho

    I have only 10 friend and 6 of them gave up on the game so basically no one would steal from me. But consider the Crops and robber trophy, I suggested my friend to steal. This benefit you in 3 ways.
    1. By stealing, you gain points to the Crops and Robber trophy.
    2. If you have a dog, friend stealing from yours may be bitten by the dog and you gain the Dog trophy points.
    3. Send the stolen crops back 1 by 1 and you gain points for the Truly Gifted trophy.