Country Story Strange Tree Spirit

By | January 24, 2010

Country Story strange tree spirit ! New tree spirit on country story, strange tree spirit 🙂
The strange tree spirit will be used for 2 new magic trees :
1. Tree House Tamarillo
2. Dragon Date

where do you get strange tree spirit on country story ? how to get stange tree spirit ?
just like the others tree spirits, it’s random 🙂 but you can purchase it with 15 playfish cash 😛


For tree house tamarillo the tree spirits are :
lime tree spirit, red tree spirit and strange tree spirit

and for dragon date tree spirits :
green tree spirit, purple tree spirit and strange tree spirit

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  • Pearo

    I planted 66 tree at a time, twice already since the new spirit came out… that’s a total of 132 spirit earned…

    but i didn’t get any strange tree spirit at all ;(

    I’m so sad… T_T

  • Isaiah

    I just got 1 strange tree spirit, then I got the dragon date first cuz it looked cool, but after placing my dragon date on my farm, an error appeared, so I had to reload. When I got back in the game, my dragon date disappeared, even my strange tree spirit. WTF!!!

  • Oorty

    Me too. I planted so many trees but I only got one. Like Isiah, an error also appeared and my dragon date disappeared…

  • MJ

    I got one 😀

  • Allie

    I have planted tons of trees like over 300 since the new tree spirit came out and out of the three hundred that have come and gone i have only gotten 1 strange tree spirit from it I hate waiting :'(