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By | August 2, 2009

So have you tried Country Story game in facebook that made by playfish ? if you love Harvest Moon i guarantee you will love this game 😀

I found a nice guide made by Doris2008 from playfish forum, but because his country story tips and tricks guide are a big images so i will make my own version here, enjoy 😀


Your New Farm
The Village
Decorating your character and your farm
Hand / Information
Plow / Hoe Tool
Watering Crops
Crop Tray / Harvesting
Friendship Points
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– Weather Chart/Stamina/Green Points
– Stealing
– Our Farm Dog
– Materials – Sticks and Stones
– The Make a Wish Pool
– Fertilizers
– Livestock

Welcome to your new Country Story farm. This is your land in the game to do as you wish. There are several activities you can do here that range from growing and harvesting crops, raising livestock and decorating your farms to suit your own style.

When you start out your farm won’t look like this. Instead it will be empty, so you can develop it however you choose 😀

Country Story Icons

Icons Icon Name Function
village_icon Village Icon Clicking this will take you to the village
storage_icon Storage Icon This takes you to your storage shed (in here everything you own is stored. There’re tabs for crops, seeds, materials, food, produce and animals
browse_quests_icon Browse Quests Icon This icon will take you to a list of quests that are a)available to accept, b)currently in the process of completing, c) completed, ready to accept rewards
dress_yourself_icon Dress Yourself Icon This icon allows you to change your character looks
decorate_icon Decorate Icon This takes you to a shop, where you can buy lots of cute decorations for your farm, Including flowes and trees, fencing and other decorations such as scarecrows and fountains
hand_information_icon Hand/Information Icon Clicking on this and then hovering the cursor over your crops or livestock will tell you information such as how much time you have to wait for your crops to be ready to harvest, as well as information about your livestock
plow_icon Plow Icon This icon gets out your hoe, to use for plowing the land before you plant your seeds
watering_can_icon Watering Can Icon Clicking it will allow you to use your watering can to water your crops. The number at the side of this image tells you how many more plots you can water before you need to fill, it can back up at the well
crop_tray_icon Crop Tray Icon This is the tray in which you collect your crops, by clicking this icon it allows you to harvest your own crops, harvested crops will then move to your storage shed
backpack_icon Backpack Icon This is your quick access to your food and fertilizer items. It also has a shortcut to the Market in the village.
seeds_in_your_inventory_icon Seeds In Your Inventory Icon This icon will take you to the seeds you have in your possession, ready for planting, Like the backpack option, it also has a shortcut to the market
activities_icon Activities Icon This tells you what has been going on at your farm while you have been away. Including who has helped you out by watering your crops, and who has been stealing from you while you wasn’t looking
trophy_icon Trophy Icon This takes you to your ‘awars room’, where you can view all the trophies you have gained, and also see what is required to gain each of
mail_icon Mail Icon This takes you to your mailbox, where you can open gifts and letters from fellow farmers. You can also write letters to friends here
friendship_icon Friendship Icon This takes you to the ‘get farm helper’ page, where you can see the current friendship points, and assign friends to help you out
gold_coin Gold Coins There are the coins you earn completing activities and quests on your farm. They are used to buy food, seeds, livestock and decorations
playfish_coin Playfish Cash This is how much ‘Playfish Cash’ you currently have. It’s used to purchase items such as fertilizer, and also some livestock. It’s inter-usable between other Playfish games that also use ‘Playfish Cash’

Weather Chart / Stamina and Green points
This icon tells you how much stamina you have left, how many ‘green points’ you have and the current weather conditons affecting your farm.

Friends farm icons
Some icons will appear on your friends farms and have the same function as they do on your farm :

Hand/Information Icon
This will allow you to see when your friends livestock is ready, but it won’t let you see how long they have on their crops (in case you were planning on stealing :P)

Watering Can Icon
You can use this when your friends farms are dry, to help them out and to gain some green points.

Thropy Icon
Allows you to see the trophies your friends have obtained.

Mail Icon
Clicking this will allow you to leave a note to the farmer you have visited.

There are also some new icons available once you visit friends farms

Steal Icon
This is the option that allows you to steal from your friends crops. The number at the side tells you how many times you can steal from that particular friend.

Friendship Icon
Allowing you to assign friends to look after crops. This function just allows you to assign them from their own farm.

The Village

At the centre of the village is your farm, surrounded by lots of exciting places to visit.

Livestock : Visit this shop to purchase animals for your farms.
Mayor : This is whe thr Country Story Mayor lives, you can visit him to see if he has any quest for you to complete.
Bank : Here you can purchase Playfish Cash, and see if the Bank Manager has any quests for you to complete.
Construction : This shop is used to buy materials such as sticks and stones, and other features involved with construction on your farm.
Market : Here you can buy items to aid you on your farm, such as food, fertilizers, and seeds.


As you progress in Country Story, you will be given quests by some of the characters in the game. You will receive quests as you ‘level up’, and upon completion of the quests will be given rewards ranging from animals and livestock, food and fertilizers.

When you click on the quest icon, you will get this screen
this lists all the quests you currently have open, and can attempt to complete.

Clicking on each individual quest will give you a summary of the quest, including the requirements you need to meet to complete it and the rewards you will gain upon completion.

Quest will ask you a number of different activities to do, some will require you to help your friends out by watering their crops, other may ask you steal from friends.

However, the majority of the quests given in the game will ask you to collect a number of crops or materials. It’s important to note that once you have completed these quest the items are taken away from your storage. They are not kept for the player to resell.

You don’t have to complete the quests as you receive them. You can complete them in your own time, whenever you choose to do so.

However, some quest require the completion of others in order to be opened 🙂

Decorating your character and your farm

These two features allow you to make your farm and your character more personal. You can change the style of your character, and also decorate your farm by visiting the decorations store.
It’s possible to change the scenic view/backdrop of your farm with these options.


Clicking on this icon and hovering over your crops or livestock will bring up these images.

This tells us type of crops we are growing at the top and how long the crop has left to grow before we can harvest it.
In the centre is the icon that tells us how moist the crops are, and whether or not they need watering this one is normal and therefore doesn’t need to be watered.

This tells us the mood of the animal we are raising, and how it is getting on. Things that affect the mood are ‘petting‘ the animal and feeding.
The timer at the bottom shows us how long is left before the animal is mature enough to be able to give us produce, such as eggs, wool and milk.

This icon will work on our friends livestock, but not on their crops.

Plow/Hoe Tool

Before you can do anything in Country Story, you need to plow some land in order to start yourself off growing crops. This is what the Plow icon is used for. Once land is plowed seeds can be dropped onto the soil.

This is what the land looks like after ploughing on the spot in which you would like to grow crops. This land is now ready to drop seeds onto.

Once crops have been harvested, you will be left with this, it needs to be plowed again in order to plant more seeds.

The number of plots you are allowed to plow and plant seeds on increases as you increase levels.

Watering Can

The watering can is used to water your own crops and those of your friends that you spot a little ‘dry’ when visiting.

You need to fill your watering can up at the well once it’s empty.

Here we can see there are several different levels of dryness to the ground.
This is because the land hasn’t been watered.
– the dark ones are moist
– the very light ones are dry
– the middle shade is in between

This images shows crops in various states.
The darker coloured ones will need to be watered once in order to become ‘normal’.

The lighter ones will need to ne waterd twice in order to become ‘normal’. Watering these just once will make them the same as the darker ones in this image.

1 Green Point will be given each time you water a crop that isn’t ‘normal’. You will get a point for each time you water a crop, if it needs two lots, you will get 2 points.

From looking at these images you should be able to see that there are four stages to the drying up of crops. You need to water your own crops and can also help out fellow farmers by watering their crops when necessary.

You won’t gain any green points for watering dry land without any plants or for watering crops that are already fully grown!

Crop Tray/Harvesting

Clicking on crop tray icon allows us to harvest the crops we have grown. Once they are ready, we can then collect them. The character will pick up the fruits/vegetables, and above the head will be the number we have added to our inventory. These can be found by visiting the storage shed. They can be gifted or sold to earn coins.
Once the crops are collected, the ground below is ready to be plowed again.

Country Story Crop Chart by Javalite


The backpack holds our food and fertilizer.
To use food just click on the food you wish to use once the backpack is open.
To use fertilizer click on the desired fertilizer and then click on the crop you want to be fertilized.

Seeds in you inventory

Clicking on this brings up the seeds you currently own. You can then select the seed you wish to plant, and then click on the plowed land in order to plant it where you wish.

After selecting the seed, and planting it on the ground, the plot of land will look like this
You can buy extra seeds, as well as food and fertilizer from the market. Seeds require a certain level to be reached before you can buy them.

Friendship Points

Clicking on the friendship icon opens up the get farmer help screen. This feature enables us to become ‘closer’ to fellow farmers and in doing so, help each other out in several different ways.

Get Farm Helper Screen
This screen shows each of our friends. It shows the number of friendship points we have with that particular friend (85, 90, 95, etc) and also tells us the level of ‘closeness’ perfect being the highest level.

How are friendship points obtained ?
Everybody starts off with 75 friendship points with each of their friends. These can be increased or decreased depending on how you use them. You can increase your friendship points by 10 with a particular friend by sending them an item that is equivalent to 1000 gold coins. You can raise your points by a maximum of 10 per day, with each of your friends. Sending an item worth 100 coins will increase by 1 point.

What are friendship points used for ?
Friendship points are used to assign friends to look after your crops. Having a friend assign to your crops means that if you cannot harvest the crop on time, then the friend will do so instead. This may be useful if you need your crops for a quest, but are worried they may be stolen as you cannot be there to harvest them on time.
It cost 10 friendship points to have a friend look after 1 plot of crops for you, so each time you assign somebody, your points with that particular person will decrease by 10.

It’s important to note that the friend you assign to look after your crops doesn’t have to agree to this, nor do they have to do anything to look after your crops, it’s automatically done.

Having friends assigned to your crops is the only way of guaranteeing they won’t be stolen, but you lose your green points for harvesting.

Tip : Items that are worth 1000 coins
10 friendship points are gained by sending an item worth 1000 coins to a friend, items worth 1000 coins are several foods and decorations. It’s better to send an item worth 1000 or as close to 1000 as you can, rather than a food item worth 2660 coins, as the sender is not obliged to return it.
30 x sticks or stones also = 10 points
so this way would be the cheapest by far

There are also quests throughout the game that require you to assign a certain amount of people to crops, or asking you to raise your points to certain amounts with friends.

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    • admin

      i’m afraid that you must wait the steal glove number reset, so you can steal again 🙁
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  • mia

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