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Okay continued from the first part : Country Story Tips And Tricks Guide here’s the second part, the content for the second part are :

Weather Chart/Stamina/Green Points
Our Farm Dog
Materials – Sticks and Stones
The Make a Wish Pool

Weather Chart / Stamina and Green Points

The round icon at the top left of the screen shows us the current weather conditions. This affects how dry our crops are, if it’s sunny the crops will need more watering and less if its cloudier etc.
The 8 yellow icons around the outside represent the time, one of these will light up roughly every seven seconds, so it takes an hour in all to go round.
Each time one lights up, our stamina bar is relenished by 5 points

Stamina Bar
The blue bar at the top is our stamina bar, this tells us our maximum stamina, and how much we have left to use. Stamina is depleted when we do actions around the farm, more or less everything uses stamina. From plowing and planting seeds, to harvesting and stealing.
It’s your job to maximize your use of stamina, in order to obtain maximum green points.

Stamina Usage
Ploughing uses 7 stamina (until we get the throphy that decreases stamina usage).
Planting seeds uses 2 stamina.
Stealing uses 2 stamina per crop.
Watering crops uses 1 stamina.
Harvesting crops uses different amounts of stamina, depending on the crop.

Stamina is either replenished by eating food (different foods replenish different amounts) or simply by waiting, it’ll take approx 6 hours for your stamina to fully replenish itself from zero.

Green Points Bar
How to get Green Points ? Green points are obtained by doing activities around the farm and by completing certain request. They are required in order to reach higher levels.
As we level up by gaining more green points, we unlock the ability to buy more expensive crops and unlock more quests to complete.

Green Points given
Ploughing land gives 8 green points
Planting seeds gives 2 green points
Stealing gives 1 green point
Watering crops gives 1 green point
Harvesting crops gives different amounts of green points, depending on what level you are at and which crop it’s you are harvesting.

You can use your stamina carefully in order to maximize the amount of green points you receive.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are the main currency in Country Story, these are used to buy all items, from seeds and food to livestock and decorations.
Everything we do requires the earning and spending of the coins. They are obtained in numerous ways.

Growing and selling crops, selling produce from other people to sell, random coins are given for watering crops, selling materials that are found on farms such as sticks and stones, are all methods in which to gain coins.

The most successful farmers will have the best money in making ideas πŸ˜€

Thingking carefully about what you plant, and your use of stamina are key to making coins in Country Story.


Stealing crops from friends is an important aspect of Country Story, it can benefit us in several ways, from helping us to complete quest to earning a few extra coins and Green Points.

When we visit our friends farms, we can use the ‘black glove’ icon to steal crops that are ready to be harvested.
We can only steal a certain amount of times per day from each friend, the number next to this shows how many we have left to steal (achieving different trophy levels for ‘crops and robbers’ affects this amount_

Each time we steal once successfully – we steal 2 crops from each farmer.
Each plot of crops can only be stolen from a maximum of 8 times, after this the farmer gets to keep whatever is left (so farmers are guaranteed the ‘expected crops number’ minus 16)/
1 Green Point is gained from stealing crops, but it takes 2 notches from our stamina bars.
Once we have stolen from somebody the maximum number of times for that day, we have to wait for the game reset at 12am GMT to be able to steal again.

Having a dog can cut down on the number of times you are stolen from.

Tip : Having a friend assigned to look after your crops prevents stealing, but you will miss out on your green points as you didn’t harvest them yourself.

Stealing can benefit us if we need a few extra coins to be able to afford something, if we need a few extra crops to complete quest or to gain a couple of extra green points to level up.
However, if we are stopped by somebody’s farm dogs (which is completely random), we will lose 50 coins – so use this feature wisely !

How to get a Dog ?
After reaching a certain level, a quest (level 8) becomes available to us that allows us to obtain a dog for our farms.
The dog is unlike other animals, we don’t make money from it, but it does have a purpose apart from looking cute.

It’s there to stop the thieves !
The quest for the dog requires you to use friendship points, so read the section about that for some tips in completing this quest, as at first it may look daunting.

Country Story quest how to get the dog
Things you need : 15 friends with 100% Friendships

How to get 100% friendships ?
Simply send item which is over $1,000 coins to your friends for a +10 friendship points.
Friend points increase when you give a present that is more than 100 coins to a friend. Take note that anything less than 100 will not be noticeable. In addition, the maximum number of friend points can only increase by 10 per day per friend. There will be no further increase even if you give more presents.
For every gift that’s worth 100 coins, you get 1 friend point. The points can be used to ensure your crops are looked after by that particular friend, and this stops other friends from stealing from you !
Once you get all 15 friends with 100% friendships points you will get the dog as a reward.

Country Story Friendship Points Tips
– You can only get 10 FP for each friend each day, so don’t send more than you need to. (The day restarts the same time Pet Society does, 0:00 GMT)
– Only send gifts to people you trust will send them back. (Unless you’re loaded and don’t mind losing items)
– Remember to put a note with your gift. There has been a glitch in the past that lets the system “lose” a gift without a note. I usually put something like “Working on Friendship points, please send these back to me ” Not only does it ensure that the gift will get to its recipient, but it reminds the friend that you want the gift back, it’s not for them to keep.
-Send what you have the most of first. If you just harvested 25 crops worth of green peppers, send those first. If you don’t have many sticks or stones, don’t worry about sending them, just use the crops you have the most of.
– Because flowers, trees, fences, and garden “accessories” are so expensive, i recommend not sending them. Just send crops and sticks and stones. You can see what items that equal to 10 Friendship points in Country Story Friend Points.

Our Farm Dog

When you steal from somebody that has a dog, every now and again you’ll see the image below.
This means that the dog has bitten you and you fail to steal. You don’t get any crops for this ‘steal’ and the number on the black hand will still reduce by 1.

The good thing about the dog is that it may reduce the amount of crops you lose from people ‘pinching’.

Everytime somebody steals from you, or you steal from somebody else, and get caught by the dog -50 coins is lost.
I haven’t noticed a loss of anything else if you choose to steal when you are broke however.

Materials : Stick and Stones

While you are visiting your friends farms, you will notice sticks and stones on the floor like this.

Clicking on them will allow you to pick these items up.

Sticks and stones can be used for different things
Some quest will ask you to collect so many of each (particularly quests that gice you livestock).
You can collect them and sell them for coins – each one selling for 2 gold coins.
They are required in order to purchase livestock.
They are used in the construction shop.

Sticks and stones appear on your friends farms once everyday, and there will be a combination of 5 times on each friends farms until you collect them.
Stick and stones appear at midnight GMT and you will have 24 hours in which to collect them.

They are kept, and can be sold or gifted from your storage shed. Under ‘materials’.

Sending 30 of either to a friend will increase friendship points by 10.

The Make a Wish Pool

The first time you visit a friend in Country Story, you will get this screen… It’s the Mysterious Wishing Pool.

The fairy will grant you three wishes that will help you out a lot in Country Story. You receive three items from her.
– level 1 fertilizer
– random food item (below 2000 coins)
– random seed for planting

You’ll only get this bonus the first time you visit a friend πŸ˜€


At the market, it’s possible to buy fertilizers which will help to reduce the growing times of your crops. The times it’s reduced by is varied with each level of fertilizer. They are used by clicking on your backpack icon, choosing the fertilizer tab, selecting the fertilizer you wish to use and then clicking the crops you want to fertilize.

Fertilizer is only available to buy with Playfish cash, but you can receive plenty for free by having lots of friends and making use of the Make a Wish Pool.

The different fertilizers are

It’s important to note that fertilizer cannot be sent to anybody else. Once you have bought it or received it in a quest, it can only be used by you.


How to get Livestock in Country Story ?
By completing quests in Country Story that are given at certain levels, we get some livestock as rewards.

These livestock consist of a yellow chicken, a common sheep and a white cow.
If you don’t want to wait for the quest, it’s possible to buy these animals earlier from the livestock store.

There are even some different varieties of chicken, sheep, and cow to choose from. Some can be bought with gold coins and some with Playfish Cash.

Chickens produce eggs which can be sold to earn extra gold coins. In order for them to grow or ‘mature’ you need to feed them with Chicken Wheat.

When Sheep have matured, they will produce bales of wool, which can also be sold for extra income to run our farms.

They need to be fed with Grass, like Chicken Wheat.. we can grow ourselces on the farm.

Cows will produce milk that can be sold, once they have matured and reached the right age. Like sheep they are fed with Grass.

Caring For Livestock

Baby chicks need lots of love in order to be kept happy so that they grow up into chickens.

You can do this by clicking on the heart at the side of them.
Do this whenever you are tending to your farm, or as often as you can, that way you know they are happy.

You will also need to feed your chicken for it to grow. First you will need to grow (or steal) some chicken wheat of your own. Then by clicking on the image of the wheat you will automatically feed your chick 10 pieces of wheat. The bowl can hold 30 pieces.

Chicks need to be kept happy and well fed in order to grow at the correct speed, so it’s important that you are well prepared by having plenty of chicken wheat at hand when you purchase/acquire our chick.

These same care tecniques must also be followed when raising your own lambs and calfs.
The differences are that you need to click on a brush for these animals as brushing them keeps them happy.
Instead of chicken wheat they require ‘Grass’ for food, which is also grown on your farm.

Grass and chicken wheat do not make a profit when selling, but as soon as you unlock the seeds it’s the best to start growing them. As they are also best for green points when harvesting at those specific levels, the more you can grow the better, to keep you feeding for a few days πŸ˜€

Farming Essentials by Javalite

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  • Mandy

    Can you explain more about the how to get 100% friendship?

    • admin

      i’ve added more information, please read πŸ˜€
      and remember you only earn 10 points a day you need to send say 100 sticks or stones a day to them 15 friends and have them send you them back.
      you can keep sending and sending but you wont get more than 10 fp in a day

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  • iza

    how come that i’ve gifted my friend a glass of milk but our friendship points just raised only 2 points? the milk costs about 1120 so i should received 10 fp right? before our fp is 75 now it’s only 77.. is there any problem?

    • admin

      The 1000 coins refers to what you sell the items for, not what you buy them for πŸ™‚

  • iza

    what should i gift to my friends then to gain the 10fp?

  • ashely

    what if i dont have 15 friends who play. does it still work if i max out all my friends.

    • admin

      i’m afraid you must have 15 friends with 100 friend points to finish the country story dog quest πŸ™‚

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  • ladyvendetta

    Hey, I have this quest to steal crops from a friend but everytime I try it says: “this plant is owned by a friend, you can’t steal it”. What do I do? I’m kinda stuck. Thanks.

    • admin

      It means they’re using their friends to harvest their crops which use up your friendship points. You can’t steal those… so you should try another friend’s crops πŸ™‚

  • ladyvendetta

    Ok, thanks a lot! =)

  • candice

    i visitied my friend for the first time today but the fairy for the whisinhg pool did not appear why was that??

    • admin

      A lot of my friends experienced this from time to time I suggest, that when you do first visit to a friend, refresh it asap if the wishing pool doesn’t appear. Do not continue on with the other first visits.
      And you can try clearing your history cache and cookies, then relaunch your browser.

  • someone

    As one of my quests i have to steal some crops, but the icon with the black hand to use when you steal says 0 on it? Do you have to earn them? Im only on level 3 if that effects it.

    • admin

      The black hand shows 0 because you have reached your maximum number of stealing, you have to wait for the game reset at 12am GMT to be able steal again πŸ™‚

  • Country Story New Player

    how can i give a gift in country story

    • admin

      click your storage, and on the right there’s a “Gift” icon, all you need to do is drag some item to that gift icon and send how many item to your friend πŸ˜€

  • Hirra

    As one of my quests i have to steal some crops, but the icon with the black hand to use when you steal says 0 on it? I just started playing and I have not stolen anything yet even. It has been two days and the game has not reset.

  • hirra

    my issue is the same as number 18 but the only problem is that i never stole anything from anyone as i started playing just a few days ago. also it has been two days since the black love shows zero and the game has not reset

    • admin

      @Hirra: really ?? well i just steal from my friend yestrday till the glove shows 0, and today it was reset and i can steal again πŸ˜€
      * there’s a glitches for this stealing (Black hand at 0), please read my comment post on Country Story FAQ about this glitches

  • newbie on country story

    how can i prevent other people from stealing my plants……is it possible?????im still new at country story

    • admin

      actually you can’t but if you want to do so.. you can read Country Story Stealing, there’s some tips for this one πŸ™‚
      and some other way is :
      – ask your friend to take care your crops (only the crops that taken cared by your friends that can’t be steal)… πŸ™
      – get a dog, there’s a quest for this.. you can read it at Country Story Quest

  • Country Story New Player

    thank you very much

    its my first time to play this

    thanx again

  • Country Story New Player

    why cant i steal from my other friends

  • babakren

    Hi, i collected sticks and stones from my friend but when i refresh the page the sticks and stones are gone, when i want to save, the connection is lost and the sticks and stones are gone, when i want to give a gift, the connection is lost and sticks and stones are gone, after i refresh i have to take them again but then the same thing repeats. Help me, im quite frusterated, and also that my friendship points increase to 85 suddenly but after refresh it gets back to 0, i only have 3 ppl out of 30 ppl that have 75 friendship points, help T_T

    • admin

      huh ? wow.. that’s sounds a lot of trouble you have…
      well i can’t do anything about it.. because sometimes things like this happen ( bad things & bug πŸ™ ) , i think you must contact the playfish support for this bug and request your missing things back.
      please read my comment post on Country Story FAQ about this glitches

      @Country Story New Player, maybe you had this country story glitches too, please read it too then πŸ™‚

  • whiskeytits

    The not-being-able-to-steal thing, and the Sticks and Stones problem are both known glitches. Playfish is working on them currently. I was playing just a little while ago and was able to complete the S&S quest, but not able to steal from all friends, so it seems at least part of the issue is resolved. Please- check the effing forums also instead of pestering everyone about the problem *except* the people who can do something about it… just submit a ticket and go play outside or something.

  • Ara

    I donΒ΄t know how can I buy a scarecrow in country story, could you tell me? thanks so much.

    • admin

      The scarecrow is in the Cash Shop. You can buy it with real money. Click on Decorate and then the blue shop icon. πŸ˜€

  • Humano


    Cash Shop items giftable?

    • admin

      yup, the cash decorations such as trees and flower,etc…they are giftable. Cash animals can’t be gift

  • Lyckiestars

    where can i buy the purple orchids?

    • admin

      purple orchids ? maybe you meant the one in decoration items ? you can find it in decoration – playfish cash and look for it πŸ™‚

  • XoXo

    I completed the quest for the chicken but didn’t get the chicken, where is my chicken?

    • admin

      you should find the chicken in storage > animals tab πŸ™‚ congratulations for the chick !

  • Little Boy

    I wanna reset my CS ’cause my sister get my ID to used hack program and now it deny for play. How I must to do? my old level is 13 but my sister hack it to 40 but I don’t like it. May I reset my game to level 1 again. Somebody pls tell me.

    • admin

      you might want to contact the playfish support for this πŸ™‚

  • claudia

    i bought an apple tree. how do i know if it produced fruit? how can i harvest it?

    • admin

      a tree ? you mean the one in decoration ? well too bad it’s only for decoration… you can’t harvest that one πŸ™

  • Bias

    i did increase my friends point and get the rewards from the dog quest. but the dog did not come to my farm. why can’t i get the dog?????????? huhuhuhuhu hiks hiks

    • admin

      try to logout and login πŸ™‚ you should see one

  • Sue

    Some of my friends use the Country story application but I cant see their farms any ideas?

    • admin

      all your friends ? or just that friends ? you should try to clear your browser cache and try again πŸ™‚

  • admin

    Ok i did the dog quest fine im in level 18 but now i just cant go on its very difficult any tip cause im getting bored i did all the level 18 quests and it just bored me

  • Cheryl

    How do I move a flower IN CS????

    • admin

      you mean the decoration flower right ? first click decorate icon (house) then move your flower πŸ˜›

  • Cheryl

    Thank you, thank you, you are totally amazing!

  • Taylor

    Hey, how do you send a gift to a friend, its one of my quests and i cant figure it out.

    • admin

      click storage, drag the item you want to gift to the gift icon on the right πŸ™‚

  • Jezz

    I’ve received a dog. But it does nothing. It doesn’t bite when friends steal my crop. My friend tested stealing my crop and said that the dog does nothing. What is wrong?

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