Country Story Tree Spirit

By | November 26, 2009

Country Story Tree Spirit. Just like i said in Country Story Tree Guide Tips, after 7 seasons a tree will die and sometimes a tree spirit may appear. So here’s the tree spirit :


the mango tree already reached season 7 and you can see there’s a mini orange thing 🙂

that’s a tree spirit !

There are 9 kinds of tree spirits :
lime tree spirit
green tree spirit
red tree spirit
pink tree spirit
purple tree spirit
turquoise tree spirit
blue tree spirit
yellow tree spirit
orange tree spirit
white tree spirit
holiday special tree spirit (limited)

How to get holiday special tree spirit ? is playfish cash the only way to get it?
even though it’s limited, it doesn’t make it really special 😛 It’s a random drop from a tree. Just plant a tree, wait for it to die, and pray to to god you get one!

What the use of tree spirit in country story ?
Well if you have tree spirits might be able to use them to unlock rare Magic Trees 🙂

Now you can buy tree spirits with playfish cash :
3 playfish cash = Lime / Green
4 playfish cash = Red / Pink
5 playfish cash = Purple / Turquoise / Blue
6 playfish cash = Yellow / Orange
8 playfish cash = White
10 playfish cash = Holiday Special

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  • Kathee

    Thx, i’ve only got 2 of them and i’ve been sges trying to make them do something!

    The mango tree doesn’t only provide the orange ones! I had 2 mango trees and now I have the blue and the lime ones

  • Alberto

    I have a white tree spirit :S

  • Emma

    i have a white tree spirit??? 😕

  • Emma

    how do you buy a tree?

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  • Julie

    i planted so many trees this month because i want the holiday tree spirit. barely any of my friends have trees, so i cant trade… 🙁

  • Joseph

    which tree gives which spirit……plz help

  • Nana

    I think this is random.

  • Ambrosia

    Spirits are not assigned to trees. It’s all random.

  • Tany

    I really can’t get it! I have tree spirits in my storage and i’m gonna have more! How do i use them to get a magic tree? I try to find instructions but i can’t… How can i have a magic tree?

  • jakeb

    there is a “magic tree” icon on the right hand side of your country story window. click it and it will open the “magic tree book” where you can view and purchase magic trees if you have the right tree spirits.

  • Tany

    i just saw it! i got my first magic tree… it’s so beautiful!

  • Axel

    Hey! now theres a new tree spirit called the strange tree spirit . How do I get them?

  • slphie

    hallo =D
    can anyone please answer me …
    i just wanted to know isit one tree spirit for a tree? or one died tree will produce more than 1 tree spirit?
    i have 2 died tree which already gave me tree spirit for each trees, and i was wondering can i remove the died tree or i should leave it …

    thanks for answering =D

  • katie

    I got my first tree spirit today – ‘strange tree spirit’

    im still confuzzled about what exactly we are supposed to do with them!

  • Matthew

    I need a turquoise tree spirit and a spirit with the heart and wings. HOW DO U GET THE TURQUIOSE ONE?!?!?!

  • becca

    how in the world do you trade tree spirits? I can’t figure it out and it’s driving me nutso.

  • Kimberly

    I have 98 three ghosts, It’s really not a joke, I have every magic three (upgraded) so can I sell them or something else with it?

  • yuki lai

    whict tree can get white tree spirits help please~?

  • tianna

    i combined my tree spirits but i can’t find my trees !!! help

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  • marianitha

    alguien me cambia un pink tree spirit?!
    es el unico que me falta para completar un magic tree
    porfis porfis!!!

  • Akimi

    Can you sell tree spirits??????

  • Bib

    How do you get a lime green spirit

  • Bib

    p.s without the special cash and how do you get that cash anyway

  • Anya

    How do you get a red tree spirit?