Country Story Tree Spirits Trade – How To Trade Guide

By | December 17, 2009

There’s a new feature for tree spirit since the last update on Country Story December 16th.

Tree Spirits trade

If you want to know how to trade tree spirits works on country story, please read more 🙂

You should noticed that there’s also a new tab for Tree Spirit, you can see it on Storage > Tree Spirit
you can see your tree spirit that you have there

to locked / unlocked just click the tree spirit 🙂

why you need to locked / unlocked tree spirits ?
Secure your spirits, cause if they come unlocked, people may trade them without your permission 🙁
So always make sure you lock them !

to trade tree spirits with your friends you can go to your friends farms, and click the trade button

Now you will see this window

on the top you can see your friends tree spirits
on the bottom you can see your tree spirits

now choose one of friend’s tree spirit and choose one of your tree spirit
then click trade button

The trade will happen once your friend accept the request
click send
and you will send a notification to your friend 🙂

Now let see what happend if you forget to locked the tree spirits

as you can see here, my friend forgot to locked the pink tree spirit
so i try to click the pink tree spirit, and i click one of my tree spirit too
and click trade

OMG !! now i have 2 pink tree spirits ?? ( i only have 1 before ) now i must returned it >.< you see how scary is that ? yeah your friends can steal the unlocked tree spirits so once again, please don't forget to locked the tree spirits guys 🙂

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