Country Story Trees Guide Tips – Fruit-Bearing Trees

By | November 15, 2009

Country Story Trees Tips. Country Story introduced new Fruit-Bearing Trees πŸ™‚
Please read more if you want to know about this fruit-bearing tree in contry story. I have some guide tips for Fruit-Bearing Trees for you πŸ˜€

What is Fruit-Bearing Trees ?
Fruit-Bearing Trees is a grow trees which grow fruit which can be harvested.

What is the different decoration tree and fruit bearing tree ?
well the decoration tree can’t grow and you can’t harvest anything from it. Only for decoration πŸ™‚

Where are the decoration trees ? Is it gone ?
Yeah i think they’re taken down… but if you already bought the decoration tree and put in your storage it’s still there. Because of the new icons, you can find it under Storage > Decorations.

Here’s what playfish said about decoration tree :
“Just to let you know, the old trees were purposely deleted and will not be brought back, the reason being that it may be difficult for players to differentiate between the fruit trees and the decoration trees”

Where can i buy seeds for fruit bearing trees ?
Click Shops, and then you can buy it under Animal & Tree Shop, and click tree icon tab you will see all the trees available πŸ™‚

To plant a tree, just drag the icon to your farm and the tree will be planted.

Remember to water your trees after you’ve planted them, it’s the same as watering your crops.

I put the tree on the wrong place, can i move it ?
You can change the positions of the tree anytime you want as long the Storage icon being opened, BUT you’ll have to water the tree again after uprooting it.

Can i use Fertilizer to make fruit bearing trees grow faster ?
Fertillizer can’t be used on the trees πŸ™‚

Can my friends steal fruit from fruit bearing trees ?
Yes πŸ™ people can steal your fruit from your trees, and you cant protect them either with friendship points.

What kinds of fruit bearing trees that available in country story ?
– Apple tree
– Orange tree
– Pear tree
– Lemon tree
– Cherry tree
– Mango tree

What is the best tree that will give you best profit in country story ?
Mango tree πŸ˜€

How does Fruit Bearing Trees works ?
after you water it, in 24 hours the tree will grow, and for another 24 hours it will grow fruit which can be harvested πŸ˜€
But remember you must keep watering the trees πŸ™‚ and it won’t die if you don’t water it, simply stop growing that’s all.

Each tree has 7 seasons so you can harvest it for 7 times. (i think)

After the tree ready to harvest, use the harvest tool to shake the tree.
and be careful, fruit on the ground will rot in 12 hours.

After 7 seasons a tree will die and sometimes a tree spirit may appear! lol

Hang on to your tree spirits as soon you might be able to use them to unlock rare Magic Trees! ( seems like playing RPG game here haha)
i will update the magic trees later, so you can read more about it later okay πŸ™‚

i hope this guide will help you play, and if you have any question please ask. And i will try to help you πŸ˜›

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  • Jessica Tai

    Hello, I would like to know is it after harvest 7 times, I need to buy again a new tree from the shop ? Thank You.

    • admin

      yup, because after 7 times the tree will dies πŸ™

  • Joo

    wat the usage of the magic tree?and i wan to noe is there really a tree spirit after the tree die??thanks~

  • Fart

    Neighbors can steal fruits from your trees, and what is even worse is that they can see when it will be available to harvest. !!! NOT COOL! although i like the stealing idea

    • admin

      updated, thanks… yeah i just noticed that πŸ™ awww.. that’s a bad thing for stealing fruits from trees T__T

  • SkyCanopus

    From what i calculated. pear tree have the best profit. LoL~

    Money from tree per season X 7 total harvest / Tree price = amount of money u earn. (sry my english sucks)

  • SkyCanopus

    – Apple tree = 1500×7/7500=1.4000
    – Orange tree = 1620*7/8000=1.4175
    – Pear tree = 1950*7/9500=1.4368
    – Lemon tree = 2190*7/11000=1.3936
    – Cherry tree = 2460*7/12500=1.3776
    – Mango tree = 2700*7/14000=1.3500

  • SkyCanopus

    Never mind. forgot a step.

    • admin

      thanks skycanopus πŸ™‚

  • SkyCanopus

    No problem… just hope that they will put pretections on the fruit trees so others cant steal. > < i hate to lose thousands per day.

  • nic

    Somebody knows how using spirit trees…
    I got one and I cann’t use it… πŸ™

  • stephanie

    i just got 2 tree spirits. i picked them up and they went into my storage under the tree icon. i hope i did that right. now how do i remove that tree?? with the removable plot? cuz you can’t hoe it away. nuts

  • Eimoh

    ok….i get the tree spirits already but….what can i do with them? where to plant them?
    i can’t find any place for them… help!!

  • Sebastian

    Tree Spirits are left when some of your trees die. WHen u have 3 of thos you can combine them and have a cute magical tree, with special fruits πŸ™‚ I got one right now, and it’s so cool! they are now available, try it!

  • Lem

    They just put on the new instruction abt “Tree spirit” πŸ˜€ check it out!!!

  • Eimoh

    then the die one?
    the take space…not nice

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  • jennifer

    What trees give what tree spirts??? like I want to unlock the sacred star fruit but i dont know which tree is the lime tree and which one is green tree spirit

  • Joy

    What can I do with die tree?

  • Francesco

    With the death tree you can remove it with the remove plot option down below.

  • arya negoro

    sorry a little mistake, i think mango is more benefits. we calculate benefits by reducing the purchase price

    For 1 apple tree cost 7500 coins
    benefits once the harvest cost 1500 coins
    we can harvest as much as 7 times

    apple = (1500×7) – 7500 = 3000
    mango = (2700×7) – 14000 = 4900

  • WML

    Why not list which tree gives which tree spirit? I need the green one but I’m not sure which tree will give the green tree spirit, so I bought the pear tree… It’s my best guess πŸ˜›

    • admin

      well the tree spirit drops random, so there’s no spesific tree for tree spirit πŸ™‚

  • enzojmc

    1)i want to know if the only kind of magic trees are the six example or they are moreΒΏΒΏΒΏ???

    2)i found a mistake at SkyCanopus comment.
    apple tree: 1500×7-7500=3000
    orange tree: 1620×7-8000=3340
    pear tree: 1950×7-9500=4150
    lemon tree: 2190×7-11000=4330
    cherry tree:2460×7-12500=4720
    mango tree: 2700×7-14000=4900

  • jericho

    How can I remove dead trees?
    Ihope you’ll answer it soon

    • admin

      you can remove it with plow tool πŸ™‚

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  • brooke

    its at a lower price because the trees only last 4 seasons now, not 7 πŸ™

  • denzel

    if the tree died can i sell it or use it again what will i do on the trees that died

  • PJH

    Since they’ve changed the prices, and reduced the lifespan to 4 harvests, Apples are now the most profitable tree.

    Using (Sale price – cost price)/(cost price) expressed as a percentage (basically the ‘interest’ on the money used to buy the trees:

    Apple 11.00%
    Orange 10.45%
    Pear 8.96%
    Lemon 8.22%
    Cherry 7.51%
    Mango 7.06%

    Old values on 7 day:
    Apple 40.00%
    Orange 41.75%
    Pear 43.68%
    Lemon 39.36%
    Cherry 37.76%
    Mango 35.00%

    Regardless, if you’re after accumulating money quickly, regular crops give you a better return ‘per day’ if you can harvest them as they mature (apple trees give you a 2.4%/day return if you include the 36 hrs before 1st harvest. White radishes (4 hrs, 6 crops per day @$55, 96 harvested) gives a return of 447%)

    So, maximise your plots and put trees in any space you can’t plant crops.

  • Megan

    After The Season Is Done What Do You Do With The Tree ?

  • PJH

    After 4 seasons you remove the dead tree using the plot removal tool. (i.e. after you’ve collected the tree spirit.)

  • Matt

    @Megan: When you are done with the season and the tree dies, you simple collect their fruits (if any) and the random tree spirit they drop. Once you have done that, simple use the remove plow tool to cut down the tree. Then you start again =P Rinse and Repeat.

  • Diana

    I need to go away for a few days but my fruit trees will bear fruit in the meantime and i dont want them to rot. Is there a way to leave pause the game so things arent growing while im away?

  • kerry- country story mad

    It is only four seasons not seven πŸ™‚ i was wondering whether you could tell me which tree gives me which tree spirit? thank youu. – if you answer! πŸ™‚

  • slphie

    i was wondering … one tree spirit for a tree or we can get more tree spirit if we just leave the dead tree on the farm ?

    thanks for answering …

  • Diana

    there is no way you can pause ur game in country story and the crops and trees that are growing you just simply have to accept that ur fruits will rot.

  • Michelle

    Hey how do you get pink tree spirit? Thx pls tell me XD

  • Matthew

    Can u tell me which tree give what tree spirits? I need Turquiose tree spirit and a valentines day tree spirit special.

  • cutterblade

    How do you level up a tree?

  • Kelly

    I only get pink and orange. how do i get a different color. i have had so many trees and only two colors???

  • F10

    how do you make your trees small??

  • X–Emily–X

    how do i trade tree spirits becuase i still cant do it and i have done everything you said to do and….NOTHING!!!what do i do???

    HELP ME!!!


  • XOXO gurl

    how can we know wat kind of spirit tree will came out of the trees ??

  • Hazel

    Its either 3 seasons or 4 seasons not 7!

  • lora

    how many time my fruits needs from “ready to harvest” to fall on the ground?

  • fanny

    sana meron may cheat na mapadali ang pag grow ng tree