Country Story Update Earth Day April 19th

By | April 17, 2010

Country Story Update Earth Day April 19th ! Farming made easy

now you can click on as many plots, trees, or animals that you would like to work on, and then sit back and watch the action unfold.
Also, click and drag on the ground to see a different part of your farm this new update in order to move down now you must click and drag the screen around then move your character -.-‘

you can see changes to the shops, so take a look. They also made some changes to the redecorate mode so you can now more easily see the items you have already purchased.

One thing that I think you will enjoy is that you can now queue actions.
This means you can now harvest all your crops more easilly as you can click on all your different plots/trees and just wait for the action to be done!

It is also now more easy to plant trees and we have removed the notification to confirm if you would like to chop down a dead tree. There are also one new magic tree added as well as two new tree spirits.

how to put magic tree on you farm in this country story new update ?
to plant your magic tree that you need to go to Shop&Storage -> Seed&Tree Shop -> Magic Tree -> Plant

The item theme for this week is: Earth Day !

the only thing i love from this update is the loading screen ! so cute 🙂

oh no.. i think i’m gonna play hotel city for the new sell feature on hotel city update.

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